Cute Plague Doctor plush from Squishable now available

Credit: Nerd Reactor

Squishable is a New York City-based company that produces cute plushes, and these range from sweet smiley-faced desserts to lovable panda plushes. If you’re into the morbid and cuteness, it has taken the creepy plague doctor’s design and turned it into an adorable plush. In addition, the Plague Nurse is also available to help out the doctor. We were able to snap some cute photos featuring the doctor, courtesy of Squishable. You can check them out below.

Credit: Nerd Reactor

The medieval plague doctors are known for their horrifying masks with the long beak and dark, black eyes. Back then they wore coats that were meant to protect them from the plague, similar to hazmat suits today. As a cute plush, the Mini Squishable Plague Doctor comes with a lantern and feels soft to the touch. The squeezable plush stands at 10.5 inches tall and 7 inches wide.

Credit: Nerd Reactor

The plush was designed by Rachel S., who’s part of the Squishable art team.

The Mini Squishable Plague Doctor is available at Squishable and retails for $21. A 15-inch version is available for $45.

Credit: Nerd Reactor
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