Blood of Zeus Season 1 Review: By the Gods!

Powerhouse Animation Studios has helped with bringing the world of Dracula to life in Netflix’s Castlevania. The animation is dark, bloody, and gruesome, which is very fitting for a tale of vampires and vampire hunters. Up next for the studio is Blood of Zeus, which was originally titled Gods & Heroes, and it will be premiering on Netflix tomorrow. Based on Greek mythology, it follows a demigod warrior named Heron who will be involved in a deadly war that will have mortals caught in the middle. Blood of Zeus is heavily inspired by anime and captures the spirit of the gods, giving us a violent and dark journey across the mortal lands and Mount Olympus. Check out our review below, which is based on 8 episodes from the show.

Blood of Zeus contains eight 30-minute episodes. The series starts off a bit rough since the first episode was the weakest one of the bunch. It took a while for us to get invested in the story, and we weren’t interested in seeing demons attacking a town. Once the series started to focus more on the gods, that’s when the show really shined.

Heron is a main character in the story, but the star of the show is Zeus. Even though he’s the king of the gods who can dish out lightning like a madman, he is very human and fallible. It’s this human characteristic that makes him an intriguing figure. Fans of Greek mythology know that he likes to spread his seed around, whether they’re a god, human or other creatures, and Blood of Zeus captures that essence. In this series, it follows Zeus’ love for a mortal woman. Of course, this has enraged Hera, his wife, who is hellbent on revenge.

The supporting characters, for the most part, are a bit dry, but there are a few gems besides Zeus. The other gods don’t have a prominent role, but they do get their time to shine including Hermes, Poseidon, Apollo, etc. Even though they don’t have their own arc, they get to show off their powers including Hermes’ speed, Poseidon’s trident, and Apollo’s flying carriage. The supporting mortal characters started off in the right direction, but the story didn’t give them much to work with by the end of the season.

As anime fans, there are plenty of scenes that had us pumped including the giants, which gave us flashbacks of Berserk. It even has a body receiving a clean cut, only to have blood spilling seconds later. The tone is very dark, and it can feel too somber throughout the series due to the animation style and pacing. If you’re a viewer who enjoys a mainly dark tone with death and violence, then this is the show for you.

Final Reaction

The drama is juicy between the gods and mortals in Netflix’s Blood of Zeus. Zeus shines as a fallible god, and the anime-inspired action is bloody and gruesome. The pacing can be a bit slow, but it picks up once it focuses on the gods.

Score: 3.5/5 Atoms

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