Elder Scrolls Online available on Stadia and free for Pro subscribers, plus upcoming games

Elder Scrolls Online
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Elder Scrolls Online recently launched its new expansion, Greymoor, which takes players into the snowy region of Western Skyrim. Critics have been so-so or positive, but fans were harsher with mixed reviews on Steam and generally unfavorable reviews on Metacritic. With that said, the game is still filled with loads of content, and now Stadia players can play the MMORPG starting today. If you’re a Stadia Pro subscriber, the base game is available for free.

Stadia also has the Elder Scrolls Online Stadia Premiere Edition available for $99.99 USD. As for the free Pro version, it will include the Morrowind Chapter add-on content.

If you have been playing the game on the PC and/or Mac, you can continue where you left off with the Stadia thanks to cross-play and cross-progression. To begin playing ESO on Stadia, you’ll need to link your ESO account to your Stadia account.

New Stadia users can sign up for a free month of Stadia Pro to claim Elder Scrolls Online along with other free games that are still available. Over 15 games will have deals this week, and 9 games are ready for savings as of now.

The Digital Collector’s Edition includes Elsweyr CE, Summerset CE, Morrowind CE (Chapters + CE content) and the Base Game.

Stadia News Roundup

Windbound is a survival-crafting, RPG-adventure that will be releasing on August 28th for the Stadia, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. It follows a lone heroine searching for her way home across the ocean and islands.

Cris Tales is inspired by JRPGs and features beautiful 2D animations and turn-based combat with a spin on time travel. To see the game in action, you can try out the demo now, which is part of the Steam Game Festival. Cris Tales will be available on Stadia, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on November 17, 2020, with PS5 and Xbox Series X coming soon after.

Stadia will also be getting Wave Break, a skateboarding-inspired, boating game. It’s set in a crime-filled, 1980s Miami Vice-inspired world featuring crazy characters and a synthwave soundtrack.

Deep Silver and Mighty Polygon have recently announced a physics-based puzzle game called Relicta. The demo is now available as part of the Steam Summer Game Festival and it will be available in August 2020 on Stadia, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox One X and PC.

Synopsis: Relicta is a first-person, physics-based puzzle game. Played through the eyes of a scientist you’ll need to use your creativity to play with the laws of physics, utilizing magnetism, polarity and gravity to unravel the secrets of a research facility on the moon. Chandra Base will test your scientific skills, as they are the only thing that can keep your daughter alive…

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