Psychological horror game, Infliction: Extended Cut, headed to Nintendo Switch in July

Infliction is a psychological horror game from Caustic Reality, an independent game studio made up of just one developer named Clinton McCleary. With that said, it’s impressive to see this game become what it is with its PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release. Next month, Infliction: Extended Cut will be available for Nintendo Switch.

Silent Hills’ playable demo, P.T., was the talk of the town and sparked a new generation of horror games. With Infliction, we can definitely see inspiration from the Konami project, and it’s a pretty fulfilling experience since fans never got to experience the full Silent Hills game due to the fallout of Kojima and Konami.

In Infliction, you explore your very own suburban family home as you learn more about your wife, daughter and yourself. It’s a dark tale, and when layers of the mystery are unraveled, things start to take a darker turn in this haunted house. What we get is a terrifying experience that would make many video game horror fans happy.

In Infliction: Extended Cut, all of the original game content is included as well as new features like alternate endings and New Game Plus mode. Spirits, secret passages, and supernatural beings will make you feel uneasy.

Blowfish Studios is publishing Infliction: Extended Cut, and it is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 2, 2020.

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