EyeQue allows you to test your vision anywhere, helping you see more clearly (review)

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Seeing your optometrist is recommended to check the health of your eyes, but for those who want to check their vision with at-home technology, EyeQue is a nice addition. We’ve had the chance to test out the EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit (VMK), which is a collection of EyeQue’s Insight Plus, VisionCheck, and PDCheck.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been going to see an Optometrist lately. Do I still have 20/20 vision with my glasses on? Do I need to update them? With the EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit, it has made things very convenient, allowing me to check my vision anywhere. In addition to that, I was able to measure my pupillary distance, and order glasses at certain online stores with my EyeGlass Numbers.

EyeQue Insight Plus

Photo by John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor

Each product includes a serial number to be used with the appropriate app. The EyeQue Insight Plus tests your 20/20 vision while also testing color vision and contrast. This binocular screening device comes with a serial number, which you’ll need to input when you download and install the app.

Attaching your smartphone to Insight Plus turns it into a VR-like device. (The regular Insight doesn’t have straps.) You’ll be able to exam your eyes, and this is done by the phone’s light source shining light into the eye. You’ll be given an eye chart with the letter “E”, each pointing at a different direction. You’ll then need to select the correct direction the “E” is pointing at.

Once done, the device will give you results and store them, letting you know if you have 20/20 vision. Since the information is stored in the app, you can use the Insight device, later on, to find out if your vision has changed over time.

EyeQue VisionCheck

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Let’s say you find out that your vision isn’t 20/20. Now it’s time to figure out your EyeGlass Numbers by using the EyeQue VisionCheck. Secure the device to your smartphone with a strap, and by looking inside the viewfinder, you’ll see a red line and a green line. Adjust the two lines until they match as close as possible. Once you’ve taken the test three times, you’ll be given the EyeGlass Numbers. You can even do more tests for more accurate results. (I did five.)

With my results, I have found out that my vision has gotten a little bit blurrier. (Okay, so I knew that already, but the device has confirmed it.) With the numbers, they can be used to order a new pair of glasses on the affordable site Zenni to help individuals with nearsightedness or farsightedness.

EyeQue PDCheck

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Once you have your EyeGlass Numbers, you’ll need to figure out your pupillary distance for your glasses. For that, you’ll be using the EyeQue PDCheck and its app. This product is pretty much an eyeglasses frame without the lens. With the indicators on the left, middle and right and the app, you’ll be pointing your smartphone’s camera at you, helping you measure the distance between your pupils. (This information also comes in handy for VR enthusiasts.) This device was the easiest to use of the three from the kit, and I found out my results quickly.

Getting the Glasses

Now that I have my EyeGlass Numbers and IPD number, I can order my new pair of glasses. I was able to test out the Try-On Glasses from EyeQue, which offered me two different pairs with different EyeGlass Numbers. The pair with the green tags has the numbers created from the EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit. The other pair with the blue tag had stronger numbers.

EyeQue offered both so that I could try them all and see if the slightly modified pair was better. My preferred was the green tag, which was the EGN given to me. (The majority of users, according to EyeQue, chose the green one.) The pair resembles the Harry Potter glasses, so the style may not be for everyone. However, they were comfortable and weren’t too tight. In the end, the Try-On Glasses helped me figure out which pair gave me the clearest and most comfortable vision.

In the meantime, I ordered a new pair from Zenni using my EyeGlass Numbers and IPD number. What’s the verdict? The pair was comfortable and very clear.

Final Reaction

The EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit and the Try-On Glasses Beta Program are great ways to test my vision, making me confident in choosing a new pair of glasses. As someone who deals with nearsightedness, these have helped me tremendously with my quality of life, making me see more clearly than ever before. However, using the EyeQue shouldn’t be a replacement in seeing your optometrist.

Score: 4.5/5 Atoms

The EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit retails for 159 and is available on Amazon and EyeQue.com.

A sample was provided by EyeQue for review purposes.

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