New HyperX Pudding Keycaps allow more light escaping and features new font (Review)

HyperX Pudding Keycaps. Photo credit: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor
Photo credit: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor

HyperX Pudding Keycaps are great for showing off your RGB light mechanical keyboard, and with its PBT material and double-shot molding, it really makes your keyboard stand out while delaying the shine caused by your fingers. Of course, there is always room for improvement, and HyperX has addressed them by releasing a new version. The results include more light escaping, better font, and more durability.

Since it uses PBT material, it doesn’t feel as slippery as a standard keycap. It also prevents shine from forming faster due to oils from your fingers. The pudding design is made possible by the double shot molding where two layers of plastic come together. They look and feel seamless, and that makes the letters and characters resistant to fading.

HyperX Pudding Keycaps. Photo credit: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor
Photo credit: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor

If you already have your QWERTY memorized, then looking at the letters and fonts won’t be an issue for you. But with the design of the font, it has room for improvement. Certain letters were harder to read because of gaps; for example, “P”, “Q”, and “D” had gaps in them. With the new HyperX Pudding Keycaps, the font is more legible and looks complete.

The new HyperX Pudding Keycaps have thicker walls and feel sturdier. Because of the thickness, the actual letters and characters aren’t as bright as the stock keycaps from my HyperX Alloy Origins Mechanical Keyboard (see below). But with the pudding design, more light is able to escape on the sides, making the overall aesthetic brighter and colorful.

HyperX Keycaps. Photo credit: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor
HyperX Alloy Origins. Photo credit: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor

The Pudding Keycaps are compatible with HyperX mechanical gaming keyboards, but they should work on any Cherry MX keyboards since it features Cherry MX style switch stems. Certain keycaps might be a tougher fit including the space bar.

To make the installation easier, the package comes with the keycap removal tool. It can still be tedious to remove and install a keycap one by one though.

There is a limited two-year warranty, and the new HyperX Pudding Keycaps (English US – 104 Keys) retail for $24.99. It’s now available at the HyperX online shop, and as for color, there is a choice between black or white keycaps.

Check out our video review below:

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