Neabot, the self-cleaning robot and Kickstarter campaign

Neabot on the Carpet

Neabot, the self-cleaning robot, and it’s your solution for hands-free vacuuming. Soon, you will be able to pledge on its Kickstarter page.

The Neabot features a self-emptying dustbin system, allowing you to continue cleaning without interruptions, lasting even weeks. The company aims to make things easier where you won’t need to keep tabs on the cleaning robot midway to empty it or won’t discover a room filled with a pet’s hair because the bin is full. The Neabot automatically removes the dirt collected into a bag-lined dustbin.

The Neabot features strong suction with 2700Pa, 2 side brushes and a roller brush, multi-level vacuuming modes, deeper carpet cleaning, threshold climbing of up to 2cm in height, and 5200mAh battery with 200m of cleaning in one charge (up to 3 hours).

It can also map a smart route for the best cleaning strategy using a z-shaped vacuuming pattern instead of a traveling randomly. Other features include options for zone cleaning and no-go zone, scheduled cleaning, spot cleaning, bumper & cliff sensors and wall sensors, auto-docking, and HEPA filter.

You can check out the product on the website.

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