Neotropolis is a new festival from Wasteland Weekend creators

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Courtesy of Wasteland World Inc.

Update: “Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19, we have made the decision to postpone Neotropolis.

The NEW DATES are June 11th – 14th, 2020.Tickets that have already been purchased will, of course, be honored for this new date.

Our other event, Wasteland Weekend 2020 is still six months away (September) and we do not expect that to be changed.” – Jared Butler, Co owner Wasteland World

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Jared Butler and Adam Chilson are the minds behind Wasteland Weekend, a festival inspired by the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max filled with decked-out cars, outrageous outfits and lots of sand. After ten years since its inception, the duo is ready for the next evolution with Neotropolis, a cyberpunk-inspired festival that will transport guests into a whole new world and “galaxy” from April 23-26, 2020. The 4-day event will take place in Edwards, CA, and feature a “themed environment based on an intergalactic desert outpost; home to various factions, traders, futuristic corporations, and cyborgs.”

Wasteland Weekend required guests to adhere to a strict dress code in order to preserve the post-apocalyptic aesthetic, and it will be the same case with Neotropolis. Everyone must wear a costume that will fit the theme of Neotropolis, whether they are a staff member or attendee.

Neotropolis Festival Courtesy of Wasteland World Inc.

Courtesy of Wasteland World Inc.

During the 4 days of the festival, there will be activities happening 24/7 including immersive interactive story components, camping, live bands, DJs, robot battles, retro video gaming, “cybernetic augmentation,” and laster tag combat.

“For the last ten years, we’ve been creating an interactive event, where people can live out a fantasy of being in a post-apocalyptic movie. Think of this one like the next movie, but with a science fiction flair,” says Chilson.

Butler says, “Neotropolis will be a city at the edge of the universe with cyberpunk and sci-fi elements. Much of it will be created by the organizers, but a lot of it will be created by enthusiastic participants who are already forming their own factions – basically a group of friends running a camp and bringing their own mini-story and design elements with them.”

Courtesy of Wasteland World Inc.

Some may recognize Butler’s attachment to the Neotropolis Bar, a pop-up bar in Downtown Los Angeles. The organization is saying that the Neotropolis festival is a whole new experience with a similar name.

Wasteland World Inc has been expanding Wasteland Weekend when it bought a big piece of land in the Mojave in 2017.

“When those amazing desert sunsets would hit it, it always looked like we had been transported to the surface of a barren alien world,” says Chilson.

“It got us thinking about other ways to create new events on the property”. “It helps that you get a 360-degree view with no civilization in sight,” says Butler.

“It’s exciting to be creating something new,” Butler continued. “The first Wasteland was very small and people have been telling us for years that they wish they could have been part of it from the beginning. This is a chance for people to get in on the ground floor of a new immersive festival and stay with it as it grows through the years.”

Tickets will cost $180 for four days at the Neotropolis festival, and there will be no extra fees for parking or camping. You must be over 18 to participate, and tickets are available at

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