Adult Swim Festival invades Los Angeles for second year

(Photo: Courtesy of Adult Swim)

This past weekend, Adult Swim held its second annual Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles. A two-day event that gave thousands of fans the ultimate fandom experience from their favorite shows. For the last few years, Adult Swim has been responsible for creating cult favorites that have left a lasting impression on today’s generation, which include shows such as Rick and Morty, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Boondocks, Metalocalypse, and many more. 

The two-day event was packed with thrilling events, activations, and musical acts to keep fans entertained for hours. With numerous stages and a 360-degree dome, every inch of the Banc of California stadium had something for attendees to enjoy. Here are a few things that fans were able to engage themselves in during the weekend. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Adult Swim)

The Calico stage was graced by the acts of artists such as Iron Regan, Health, Tierra Whack, Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, and Dethklok, the fictional band from Metalocalypse brought to life by members Brendon Small, Gene Hoglan, Nili Brosh, and Peter Griffin, who rocked the fans with an extensive 15-plus song set. The stage was also home to a live show of the often chaotic and unpredictability of “The Eric Andre Show,” who was joined on stage with Hannibal Buress and guest Seth Green.

Fans who made their way to the Tabby Stage were able to catch the performances from some of today’s biggest and rising hip-hop stars. Hitmaker 2 Chainz came and blessed the stage, along with Long Beach native Vince Staples. Female hip-hop artist Rapsody gave an uplifting and empowering performance, while Leikeli47 performed her greatest hits while donning her signature masks.

(Photo: Courtesy of Adult Swim)

The BabyCat stage is where some of the biggest events took place during the festival. Fans crowded around the stage to catch multiple screenings of the long-awaited Rick and Morty season 4, as well as comedic performances from Jena Friedman, Three Busy Debras, Wham City, and the Squidbillies 10 Man Bunkhouse Stampede. Seth Green and Breckin Meyer were on hand on the BabyCat stage for a Robot Chicken panel, and on Friday night, Crunchyroll threw an energetic Anime Rave to end the night.

Inside the Meatwad Dome, attendees were able to watch specially curated screenings that highlight what Adult Swim is genuinely about. There were screenings for the “Best of Mr. Pickles,” the premiere of “Ballmasterz: 9009” season 2, “Metalocalypse Presents: Klok Opera,” “Black Jesus” season 3 finale, “Best of Lazor Wulf” and others. 

With almost every hour, minute, and second of the festival brimming with exciting events, Adult Swim made it easier for fans to navigate the two-day festival with an accompanying app. Through the app, fans were able to RSVP for multiple events such as screenings, comedy shows, panels, and signings. It was also the place for you to be able to make sure you can catch your favorite musician during their set times. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Adult Swim)

Of course, no Adult Swim Festival would be complete without its amusing and entertaining activations. Rick and Morty fans who wanted to experience what it would be like to be in the mind of Rick Sanchez were able to do so with the ever so trippy “RickFlector,” which was perfectly complemented with a giant Morty slide. The popular Hot Dog ride made a comeback for the second year, and for those who needed to get some aggression and laughter out, were able to do it at the Cat Joust. 

There’s no doubt that Adult Swim’s past and current programming has avoided the conventional ways to incite enjoyment. They’ve blurred the lines with their list of cartoons and shows that can often be at times, offensive, crude, demonic, ghastly, weird, and grotesque. But it’s what makes fans coming back for more, and to show their appreciation to those fans who have stuck with them since the beginning, and continue to take a chance on their new shows, the Adult Swim Festival is a foolproof way to say thank you, and there’s no doubt in our minds, that they’ll be back next year with even bigger things.

(Photo: Courtesy of Adult Swim)

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