MisBits coming to Steam Early Access in early 2020

3BlackDot has announced that MisBits will be coming to Steam Early Acces in early 2020. The upcoming sandbox game has players controlling, building, battling and exploring. As a toy head, you can roll into any toy body, each with its own skills. From there, you can go into multiplayer and fight other players. A new teaser trailer has been released that shows off the cartoony style and the different gameplay mechanics.

You can choose from all kinds of heads and roll them into different bodies, making for varied gameplay. For example, the Voodoo Shaman body can turn enemies into a frog and the Mechanical Spider can set explosive mines behind you. It can get crazy as you can steal bodies, pick up props, and use special moves.

Game modes include Deathmatch, and players can create other game experiences like racing, platforming, puzzling, or arena.

Check out the features from MisBits:

  • A band of zany characters
  • Thousands of collectible and interchangeable head and body combos
  • An endless variety of game modes and maps
  • An amazingly deep game toolbox unlike anything currently available.

MisBits will be available in early 2020 via Steam Early Access.

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