Horror Manga maestro Junji Ito visits Winchester Mystery House

The day of trick or treats is here, and with most of us going out to celebrate all hallows eve, Crunchyroll has something special to praise Halloween. Iconic horror manga master Junji Ito, whose most popular work includes “Tomie,” “Uzumaki,” and “Gyo,” have come together with Crunchyroll to take a tour of one of America’s most popular haunted homes, the Winchester Mystery House.

Crunchyroll Host Tim Lyu tours the halls of the Winchester House with the acclaimed horror mangaka to learn more about the historic home. The almost 20-minute long video dives deep into the life and work of Junji to discover what truly scares him, and what inspires him to create such graphic and scary stories and images. We also learn how much Junji is into the Beach Boys right now.

You can watch the video of Junji’s tour down below:

The Winchester House located in San Jose, California, was the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of firearms magnate Willam Winchester. The house, which is a historic landmark in California, was built in 1884 and is recognized for its size and architectural oddities. This Queen Anne Style Victorian home was constructed with the absence of any master building plans. 

Many have claimed that the house and property were haunted by the ghosts who were killed by a Winchester rifle. The house and its ghostly legend have been the inspiration for a number of TV shows, movies, books, and video games, including the 1993 science fiction novel “Vanishing Point”, the Fallout 4 expansion pack Nuka World, 2016 episodes of both Ghost Adventures and Ghost Brothers, and of course, the 2018 film “Winchester” starring Helen Mirren as Sarah Winchester.

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