Helm Audio True Wireless 5.0 (review)

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The true wireless earbuds market is striving to deliver big sound in a small package. Helm Audio, a company founded by veterans of the audio industry, comes into the market with the HELM True Wireless 5.0 headphones with plans to raise the standard of truly wireless headphones.

Out of the Box

Fresh out of the box, Helm Audio True Wireless 5.0 (see on Amazon) is an attractive pair to look at. The carrying and charging case has a clear plastic top that glorifies the Helm Audio name with a reflective logo. Inside the case is a singular button that will indicate how much power the case has left, which is translated through 4 LED lights. On the left side, you’ll find the micro-USB slot for charging purposes. The overall size of the case is fairly large but no larger than the palm of your hand. The oval shape provides just enough ergonomics that make the case comfortable to hold in your hands. 


The earbuds themselves have an intricate diamond-shaped pattern etched into them. It gives the pair a sense of style, elegance, and provides some texture to the overall look. On the inside, the earbuds have a silicon wrapping that provides comfort and water resistance. The earbuds have a bigger overall size than commonly found, but this does give you a better fit and seal on your ear canal. This ensures that the only noise you hear is your music. I did experience some discomfort on my ears after having worn the headphones for a few hours. 


For added comfort, Helm Audio added rubber fins to the pair that make sure that they are securely in your ear. This does make it a bit trickier to place in your ear, but that is overshadowed by the fact that regardless of how fast or quickly you move, the earbuds will be locked inside your ear. To control the music on your device, the earbuds are equipped with a single multi-functional button. The button is a rubberized tactile button that is highly responsive and won’t require a lot of pressure when you need to push it.


The helm earbuds are built with a few features to provide you with the best musical outcome. It has dynamic drivers, a Bluetooth range of 60-plus feet, but most importantly, it has supports for both Qualcomm aptX and AAC audio technology. This means you’ll get music that has a CD-like HiFi sound with low latency. Battery life will run you somewhere around six to eight hours, with the charging case extending that to another 30 hours.

Audio Quality

The True Wireless Headphones 5.0 has great tonal range which will make music sound exciting and layered. The low end has some power to it, which gives the bass that rumble and bump that you’ll be able to really feel on music that emphasizes that lower end. The mid and high come in tack sharp, so instruments like guitars and flutes, as well as vocals, can be heard clearly and with a lot of emotion. The headphones do a great job of blending all the tones together so the music will sound balanced. Neither of the tones overshadows or overpowers the other one, which will make you really appreciate the music you’re listening to.

Gym Use

My time with the headphones was used primarily at the gym, as it’s the one place that can really test their performance. The headphones did an amazing job of blocking out the environmental noise, so I can really hone in and focus on the music, while the IPX4 resistance rating provided the needed protection for the times I would really build up a sweat while working out. The smart button on each channel made it possible for me to seamlessly control my music and volume without having to take out my smartphone.

Final Reaction

They say that big things come in small packages, and that holds very true for Helm Audio’s True Wireless 5.0. This stylish lightweight pair is accentuated with a diamond pattern that steps up its lavishness. But underneath all the esthetics is a powerhouse of performance. The headphones have a great tonal range which allows you to hear the different layers of instrumentation, as well as crystal clear vocals. With an IPX4 rating, you’ll be able to wear the headphones anywhere you go, and with a battery life up to 40 hours total (both earbuds and charging case). The true wireless headphones 5.0 will provide you with musical vibes for the entire day.

Score: 4.5/5 Atoms



*We received a pair of the True Wireless 5.0 from Helm Audio for review purposes.

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