Crunchyroll Loves collaborates with Rooster Teeth for latest collection

Crunchyroll is best known as a streaming platform that provides viewers with today’s best anime programs. But to be one of the most globally recognized purveyors of the anime culture, Crunchyroll provides other aspects that allow anime fans to voice their love for the genre. “Crunchyroll Loves” the streaming providers in house streetwear brand is launching its latest exclusive collaboration today with Rooster Teeth collection.

The collection will bring several pieces that feature a few of Rooster Teeth’s most notable shows, such as “RWBY” and “gen:LOCK.” To showcase RWBY, the collection will bring in four t-shirts and one long sleeve tee that highlight its main characters including the titular character Ruby Rose. Tee shirts will be available in the colors blue, white, black, and light brown, with each one containing a graphic of a notable character.

For Rooster Teeth’s latest show gen:LOCK, we will see one zip hoodie and two tees. Similar to the RWBY apparel, the pieces included will all feature characters from the show. Both the hoodie and tees will come in black, which is the perfect backdrop to display the designs of the Holon armors. 

“We partnered with Rooster Teeth to create our exclusive Crunchyroll Loves collections for ‘RWBY’ and ‘gen:LOCK’,” said Kristin Parcell, head of commerce, Crunchyroll. “The design process was super collaborative, and we think fans are going to really enjoy what we all created.”

The Rooster Teeth collection is available only at the Crunchyroll Store, and similar to previous Crunchyroll Loves capsule collections, once the pieces are sold out, they will not be restocked. Previously, the Crunchyroll Loves collections have featured “Re:ZERO,” “Junji Ito,” “DARLING in the FRANXX,” “Mob Psycho 100,” “Bananya,” and “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.”

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