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In the last year or so, Wicked Audio has released a handful of “True Wireless” earbuds to cater to the consumers who are looking to spend less than $100. We reviewed a few of those products which we found to have performed outstandingly. But for Wicked Audio, there’s always room for improvement, and with their latest release of the Cron, Wicked wants to tackle something that’s cumbersome to all consumers: wires.

When it comes to the design for the Cron, Wicked Audio is sticking with the familiar oval shape, as this provides the most comfort and reduction of outside noise. But compared to Wicked’s previous models, the Cron does feel a bit thicker. Both the left and right channels have a single soft tactile button that’s very responsive, which means you won’t have to press down hard to use its multitude of functions.

The earbuds have a nice and snug fit inside my ear and with the help of the loop fins, and they stay securely in place. It comes with your standard silicone tips available in three sizes, metal contacts on the inside for charging and LED lights on the outside to inform you of the earbud’s current connection status.

The charging case has a square-like shape that’s about the size of your palm. It feels solid and has some suitable weight to it making it comfortable to hold and carry. This is one of the first cases that I’ve come across that doesn’t have LED lights located on the outside to indicate how much power you have left. The case does have one striking benefit, as it also doubles as a portable charger for other devices such as your smartphone.

Using 6mm Neodymium drivers, the Cron packs a heavy punch when it comes to audio quality. On the low end, you’ll get some really deep sound which is perfect for music that favors a lot of bass such as “Burial” by Yogi and Skrillex. It’s these type of songs where you can truly get a good sense of the amount of air the Cron is pushing. It’s able to produce such a broad and wide low tone. Mid and High tones are sharp and clear, which allows for vocals to be heard. But at times, the low end does tend to drown them out.

Staying true to form of being completely wireless, The earbuds aren’t the only thing that is free from wires, Wicked Audio integrated wireless charging into the case to make things much more convenient. It was a blessing to have Qi wireless built-in as I was able to throw it on my charging pad without having to search for a micro-USB cable. And within a few hours, the Cron was fully charged and ready to use. 

Unfortunately, the Cron only has a battery life of about 6 hours, which means that if you’re an avid music listener, you’ll probably be charging the earbuds on a more frequent basis. If you’re like me who uses the Cron for maybe an hour or so a day, then you’ll probably need to charge the pair every few days or so. The Cron has Bluetooth 5.0, which provided me with a stable and clean connection, even as I stepped away from my smartphone. It has a waterproof rating of IPX5, which made them perfect for gym use. 

The one drawback I had with the Cron was with the automatic connect and disconnect when the earbuds were taken out or placed back into the charging case. Typically I’m used to a pair of wireless earbuds to auto-connect to my smartphone once they’re taken out, but with the Cron, I never really got that. Instead, I would have to push and hold the button for a second until they connected. And when I needed to disconnect, I would have to do it through my phone. It’s not a big hindrance since ultimately the Cron did provide some high fidelity audio.


Final Reaction

Having freedom and flexibility are just a few things that lead us to have a stress-free life, and when it comes to audio products, the Cron provides just that. Doing away with wires on both the earbuds and charging allows you to easily pick up the earbuds and go. With angled housing and loop fins, the Cron is a comfortable pair that’s perfect for your everyday commute or at the gym. Battery life isn’t impressive and auto connecting isn’t ideal, but those are overshadowed by the fact that the Cron produces an audio quality that is rich and clear with really profound bass. And that is the most important factor when it comes to audio products.

Score 4/5 Atoms




*The Cron was provided by Wicked Audio for review purposes.

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