Campaign for giant Unicron Transformer has been extended to October

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Hasbro has hopes to launch its biggest Transformers figure yet with Transformers: War for Cybertron Unicron via a crowdfunding campaign. The figure is a beast, and those who attended San Diego Comic-Con 2019 had the chance to see the prototype in person at the Hasbro booth. The campaign was originally set to end on August 31, 2019, but since it hasn’t reached its goal, the toy company has decided to extend the deadline to October 6th.

Unicron has a hefty price tag of $574.99, and there are currently 5,554 backers. That’s still shy of its goal of 8,000 backers. With a new deadline of October 6th, Hasbro is hoping to give others more time to pull the trigger. This means that the campaign will conclude at the of New York Comic Con on Sunday. Let’s see if the convention hype will help make this giant Unicron figure a reality.

Photo Credit: Nerd Reactor

You can be a backer at Those who have backed the project will not have their card charged until the new deadline. And if you want to cancel your pledge, you can do so by visiting the campaign page.

Recently, Hasbro announced new accessories for Unicron including a very tiny Galvatron figure and chin accessories. In the Transformers animated film, Megatron was left for dead, only to be resurrected as Galvatron thanks to Unicron.

Below is Galvatron in comparison to Unicron.

Unicron will come with two different chins, with the alternate one having two pointy chins.

The Lord of Chaos. The Planet Eater. The Chaos Bringer. Unicron stands alone as the most menacing figure in Transformers lore, capable of devouring entire worlds and civilizations. He debuted in the 1986 film Transformers: The Movie and his insatiable appetite nearly brought the entire universe to its knees.

Unicron became a fan-favorite Transformers villain thanks to the ’80s animated film. He had a glooming presence in Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight film, and it was revealed that he was Earth all along.

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