Zhiyun-Tech makes mobile filmmaking easier with the Smooth-Q2 gimbal

For the last five years, Zhiyun Tech has strived to help content creators and filmmakers produce more video content, by designing and building a line of products that assist in their creative filmmaking. Whether it was with a dedicated video camera or a smartphone, Zhiyun had a line gimbals tailored made specifically on the designated tool the filmmaker was using. 

Today, Zhiyun launched their new Kickstarter campaign for their new Smooth-Q2 gimbal, made for the smartphone filmmaker. The Smooth-Q2 will be a lightweight pocket-sized gimbal, with pro-performance made to encourage people with smartphones to go out into the world and film. This newly designed smartphone camera makes it possible for your average or professional filmmaker film content every single day.

Zhiyun has made a lot of improvements to the Smooth-Q2 to give it an entirely new look and feel when compared to their previous smartphone gimbals. They’ve redesigned the motor and structure to emphasize its mobility. They incorporated the use of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy to increase the strength and durability of the body of the gimbal. But the structural ingenuity isn’t the only thing they revamped, they also upgraded its user-friendliness, making the Smooth-Q2 compatible with a smartphone’s native camera app, and has a quick install clip with a pre-phone balance.

The Smooth-Q2 will have a list of pre-loaded modes to give filmmakers a few handy options when they’re out filming. This will include Hyper Lapse, Time Lapse, POV Shot, Multimode, Vortex Mode, and object tracking. With all these creative modes available to filmmakers, the Smooth-Q2 will come with a 16-hour battery life, which is 30% longer than previous models. The Smooth-Q2 will also have a micro-USB port built-in, allowing you to use it with a power-bank.

As the Smooth-Q2 is designed to lightweight and compact, it will still be able to handle a maximum payload of around half a pound. It will measure around 204mm, making its length almost to that of a sunglass case. It will have a five-way control button, as well as a common ¼” screw thread that will allow you to mount the gimbal to any tripods or mounts. The Smooth-Q2 will also be built direct control support for both iOS and Android devices.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Zhiyun Tech Smooth-Q2 has launched on Kickstarter, and at the time of this writing, has already raised $111,000 with 29 days left in their campaign. If you’re interested in picking up your own Smooth-Q2 gimbal you can visit Zhiyun’s official Kickstarter campaign.

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