Turtle Beach Recon Spark Gaming Headset (review)

The Recon line has been one of the most affordable options inside Turtle Beach’s current repertoire. Regardless if you’re new to video games or just don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Recon aimed to still deliver top performance during your gaming. But in the eyes of Turtle Beach, they felt that the Recon can do with a little bit of panache, leading them to launch the Recon Spark.


The centerpiece of the new Recon Spark is its distinguishable color. Boasting a white colorway that is highlighted with touches of lavender makes the headset stand out amongst the others. On the headband and ear cups, Turtle Beach has incorporated patterned details that not only gives the headset some added style but also a bit of texture.

Reinforcing the headband is an aluminum frame that gives it strength and structural integrity while maintaining a lightweight that feels great while wearing it. The earcups have a decent thickness to the foam that will give you comfort while still allowing your ears to breathe. Both the earcups and headband are wrapped in synthetic leather that finished off the headsets premium look and feels. But just like other headsets that use synthetic leather, sweat can build up on the earcups if you play for numerous hours. 

Since the Recon Spark (see it on Amazon) is a wired headset, there’s not a lot of buttons or dials that you’ll find. As it happens, there’s only one dial on the entire headset that is dedicated to adjusting the volume and you can find that on the left earcup. On that same earcup is the fixed omnidirectional microphone that has a flip-to-mute feature, which makes muting yourself during gameplay exceptionally easy.


Using 40mm neodymium drivers, the Recon Spark gives you really good audio, especially for a headset with its price point. Playing my favorite first-person shooters, the low end produced very punchy gunshots and explosions, that made games feel exciting. The high and mid were very sharp and piercing that gave gunshots a realistic snap and crack when they came flying by you.

As a wired headset, the connection is constant and reliable, as it just plugs into my PS4 controller. The only time I started to lose audio and voice quality was when the battery on my controller started to die out. When it comes to the chat quality, my voice was reasonably clear but did come in a little quiet, which can cause a problem if other players you’re playing with have their in-game audio too loud. \

The volume on the Recon Spark does get surprisingly loud, which does help with spatial audio. Of course, you won’t get anywhere near the quality of spatial audio that elite headsets with surround sound built-in can produce, but there is just enough to help you distinguish which direction certain sounds are coming from. 

Final Reaction

With a price tag of $49.95, the Recon Spark is a basic and simplistic headset that will give you some impressive audio. What makes the Spark truly stand out from other headsets with a similar price point is its interesting choice in colors. The all-white fame which is accented with touches of Lavender provides the Recon Spark with a bit of pizazz that disguises the fact that this is an undeniably affordable headset.

Score: 4/5 Atoms

*The Recon Spark was provided by Turtle Beach for review purposes

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