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Listening to our favorite music will always come with choices. Some will prefer headphones, while some enjoy hearing music from a speaker. But in a music world divided by choices, Wicked Audio gives you the best of both worlds with the Syver, a portable speaker that doubles as a pair of true wireless headphones.


The Speaker is small in size that stands just over 3 inches. It embraces a pill-shaped design that it is no bigger than your hand and handles very comfortably. There are three physical buttons on the front that will let you adjust the volume, skip tracks, and power on the device. The speaker unit is bottom facing that is elevated by three rubber feet. The lid is spring released that can be unlocked with a single button, which is held down with a metal clasp. Inside the speaker unit is a blue LED unit that will let you know if the speaker is powered on.

When it comes to the earbuds, they are oval-shaped to adhere easier to your ear. Each channel has a solitary tactile button with a receptive click and an LED light for notification purposes. The ear tips are angled that make placing them in your ear trouble-free and will come with three different silicone tip sizes. Both the earbuds and speaker are built from highly durable plastics with a rubberized coating for extra protection.


Sound on the Syver speaker comes out with a fairly flat tonal profile. There’s no difference or separation between the low, mid, and highs. Everything sounds even, so you’re not going to get that soothing rumble from the low end, which is a disappointment given the fact that the speaker is using a 32mm neodymium driver. On the plus side, the speaker does get fairly loud, which makes it optimal to use outside during a picnic or camping. Placing the speaker on a hard surface will also increase the speaker’s overall loudness, as well as giving it a spatial sound. This is all due to the downward-facing speaker unit, which will greatly amplify your listening experience. 

The earbuds are where you’ll get a slightly better sound experience, with the overall audio profile having a bit of separation. The lows move in with a considerable amount of that pulsating thump, while the highs are at most times pretty sharp. Where the audio falls short is in the mid, with vocals sounding a bit muddled and washed out. 


Both the speakers and earbuds are waterproof, with the speaker being rated IP65 and the earbuds IP67, so you won’t have a setback if you were to accidentally drop the speaker in the water, or get sweat on your earbuds. Battery life on the speaker will get you close to 10 hours of usage, and the earbuds will get you roughly 4 hours on the initial charge and can be extended to almost 40 hours with the charging case. The earbuds are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Wearing them for even two hours, I never experienced the slightest discomfort in my ears. When it comes to choosing what to use and when to use it, I preferred the speaker for the times I was streaming Netflix or Hulu on my phone. The earbuds were for the times I wanted to listen to music. 

Final Reaction

Having choices is never a bad thing, and the Syver by Wicked Audio is a unique product that gives you those choices you need when it comes to music. The speaker is great to use when you want to share your music with friends or stream your favorite TV shows or movies. While the earbuds are ideal for music listening, both produce suitable sound, and the clear winner between the two will be the earbuds. If you enjoy having the freedom and flexibility to seamlessly switch between a wireless speaker or true wireless earbuds in an instant, then the Syver is something that will be right up your alley. And for a retail price of $99, that choice might be easy to make.

Score 4/5 Atoms



*A pair of the Syvar speaker/headphones were provided from Wicked Audio for review purposes.

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