Minaal Daily Bag (Review)

A good bag can really get your day going, knowing that you can bring everything you need for the day without having to second guess anything. Now creating a bag that fits your daily routine is not something that’s often perfected. When considering a backpack that fits your work, school, or travel schedule, you’ll want to look for something that can easily accommodate all three. The “Daily Bag” from Minaal aims to be that all-around go-to everyday bag, but can it possibly be the last one you’ll ever need to buy?

When looking at the Minaal Daily Bag, you instantly get the idea that less is more. On the outside, we’re treated to a very minimalist design. There’s no bells and whistles, and there’s no overabundance of pockets. What you get are three dedicated pockets that each serves their intended purpose, and they will come in one small size and two large sizes.

Inside the bag is a whole different story, and this is where the Daily Bag asserts its namesake. The smaller pocket in the front will be where you’ll want to store your smaller items, such as keys, wallets, cellphones, and even pens. There’s a separated zip pocket inside to keep things well organized. The first larger main pocket is where you can fit items such as jackets, sweaters, and even books if you’re a student or an avid reader. You’ll also get two additional zippered pockets for more storage, as well as an included pocket for standard sized water bottles, that will keep it nice and secure while you’re moving around. 

The secondary main pocket is where you’ll place all your electronics and any other items you deem important. Minaal has integrated what they call a “DeviceNest” that will safely carry your laptops up to 15” or other devices up to 11” in a suspended position, allowing your electronics to be shockproof from any unexpected drops. The bag also includes a document pocket and several smaller pockets for everyday essentials that you tend to bring with you. These pockets are ideal for small portable hard drives, even your passport or currency if you use the bag to travel.

Both of the larger pockets have a wide clamshell opening, which will let you pack your items in a quick and easy manner. I wanted to see what kind of threshold the bag had, so I grabbed the largest jacket I owned and stuffed it inside. To my surprise, packing the jacket was a breeze and didn’t really add to the bags overall thickness. At first glance, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that I had a jacket packed away. The Daily bag has the capacity to hold 21L, and when fully packed, it will only measure around 17 x 13 x 6 inches.

One feature that the Minaal Daily Bag has that makes it stand out from the rest is its ability to easily switch from a backpack to a briefcase-style bag. By unbuckling the shoulder straps, you can conveniently tuck them away into hidden pockets to give yourself a more professional look. Regardless of how you use the Daily bag, the pockets are designed to be easily accessible in any configuration. 

For the strength and ruggedness, the bag incorporates a mixture of both 600D and 1000D nylon fabric. The 600D gives the bag its lightness while still offering it strength. And the 1000D is used on the high abrasion areas, such as the sides and bottom, to protect your belongings from the most vigorous scenarios. Of course, no bag is complete without YKK zippers. But Minaal takes them a step further by giving users the ability to lock them together for any high-risk situations that you find yourself in.

Final Reaction

It’s hard to say what the “perfect bag” is since we all have different needs and tastes. But for me, that perfect bag is indeed the Minaal Daily Bag. Its minimalistic outside aesthetic is complemented by the robust interior that gives you a lot of storage, with a range of organizational options. The mixture of nylon fabrics provides a feeling of strength, durability, and protection, and its ability to transform from a backpack to a briefcase will appeal to those who would need to switch from casual to a business look instantly. It’s not every day we come across a bag that says “I want to do it all.” But for Minaal, it takes that challenge because regardless if it’s work, school, travel, or all three, the Daily Bag will have your back. 

Score 5/5 Atoms



*The Daily Bag was provided by Minaal for review purposes.

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