San Diego Comic-Con to stay in San Diego through 2024

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San Diego will continue to host Comic-Con International through 2024, a three-year extension to the existing deal which expires in 2021. The extension maintains the same benefits of the current deal, which includes rent discounts for the Convention Center worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a 2% cap on annual hotel price increases.

This is a no brainer for San Diego. Comic-Con generates hundreds of millions in revenue for San Diego, and accounts for a quarter of the tourism traffic coming through San Diego annually.

Back in 2015, San Diego was at risk of losing Comic-Con International. Plans for an expanded San Diego Convention Center fell through, and cities such as Los Angeles and Anaheim attempted to capitalize on their misfortune. Both pitched a potential relocation and new home for the largest comic convention in the world. But, nothing came of it, and in 2017, Comic-Con International renewed their deal with San Diego, which became the existing deal that was just extended this past week.

San Diego Comic-Con 50 takes place July 18-21.

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