Mike Shinoda previews anime-inspired music video during Crunchyroll’s AX panel

Anime Expo took place in Los Angeles this past weekend, and during the Crunchyroll industry panel on Saturday, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park surprised fans and unveiled a short preview of his latest music video for his song “Worlds on Fire,” a track from his latest ‘Post Traumatic’ album.

Mike Shinoda was joined on stage with Adam Sheehan, director of events, and Victoria Holden, creative produce & brand Manager at Crunchyroll. The three discussed the long history of anime-inspired music videos. Mike also shared with the fans in attendance how his own personal interest in anime shaped his inspiration for “World’s on Fire.”

“My music and anime have had a long history of crossing paths, from the fan videos edited over Linkin Park’s music to our original video for ‘Breaking The Habit.’ This new video for ‘World’s On Fire’ is a lighthearted video that focuses on a female protagonist as she learns to control her unique power,” Mike Shinoda said.

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Linkin Park’s “Breaking The Habit” is one of the most well-known music videos to incorporate anime. But over the years, a handful of musicians have incorporated the art form into their videos, showing the amount of reach that anime has inspired. From Daft Punk’s “One More Time” to Pharrell Williams’ “It Girl,” and even to Kanye West’s Akira-inspired “Stronger,” musicians have also been known to throw in lyrics and samples that reference anime shows and characters. For example, Waka Flocka Flame alluded to Dragon Ball and Goku in Machine Gun Kelly’s track “Wild Boy,” to the Weeknd sampling Ramiel’s scream from Evangelion for his track “The Hills.”

You can watch the short teaser clip that Mike Shinoda premiered at the Crunchyroll panel today below, with the full music video slated to release later this summer.

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