Tribit MAXSound Plus, Portable wireless speaker (Review)

One product you think you would never need is a wireless speaker. But as we use our smartphones more frequently to stream our favorite music to friends and family, the built-in speaker doesn’t quite capture that wholesome factor of having your acquaintances hear your favorite jams. Thus we introduce a wireless speaker into our lives, and finding the right one that can give you the delightful sound experience you’re looking for can be as difficult as shopping for the right shoes. The Tribit MAXSound Plus is a fairly new speaker on the market that has a very appealing price tag. But can something so affordable give you the right musical vibes you want?

The MAXSound plus is a smaller and lightweight speaker that can be carried effortlessly with one hand. Measuring at 198x69x66 mm and weighing at just under 600g, this is a speaker that you can take with you wherever you go. It carries a pill-shaped design that makes it comfortable in your hand, with an included lanyard to keep it attached.

The speaker’s body is comprised of a thick hard shell plastic that will give it some toughness and resilience. It has a nice matte black finish that gives it a sleek and inconspicuous look, and once placed in your home, you’ll barely notice it. Located at the top are the six buttons that let you control all the aspects of your music. The buttons are beautifully molded into the body, with a slight embossed feel that can help you navigate the buttons without having to look at the speaker. On the bottom are four rubberized feet that allow the speaker to stay in place. The speaker grill is made from thin lightweight metal and is accented with the Tribit logo in silver. 

Inside the speaker are two 45mm passive radiator drivers that deliver 12-watts of power each. When it comes to the audio performance, the speaker has a standard sound profile, where everything comes out even, and without any real difference in your lows, mid, or highs. It’s substandard that’s just enough to please your ears, but nothing really to gawk at. Luckily the MAXSound plus features what Tribit calls X-Bass, that with a push of a button, you can change the entire landscape of your music to give you some range and depth. 

This was my preferred method of using the Tribit speaker. The X-Bass gives you a richer low end that in turn will give your mid and highs the much-needed clarity. Suddenly the music was bustling and festive, which of course you’ll want if you’re using the speaker around a group of people. The speaker’s volume can get very loud, which can be great if you’re using it outside or in a louder environment. But it will come with noticeable distortion once you reach those levels. With no X-Bass, audio distortion at its highest levels is unpleasant. With X-Bass, the noticeable distortion is reduced to a point where the music is still listenable.

Now for those who like to use their mobile phones to stream movies or TV shows, then the speaker will give you just enough to get you immersed into what you’re watching. Dialogue and speech will have a slight reverb sound to it without the X-Bass, but with it activated, you’ll get a better balance between voices and the background music or noise. 

The speaker is rated IPX7 making this a perfect traveling companion. Accidentally spilling water on the speaker or submerging it briefly won’t cause you any real concerns. The speaker houses a 2200mAh battery that will give you around 20 hours of playback time if you’re listening at a moderate volume and not using X-Bass. Expect the battery life to be shortened if X-Bass is activated and volumes are at higher levels. I would like to have seen a bigger battery life inside the speaker, considering that my smartphone itself has a 3700mAh battery. Charging the battery back to full will take about 2 to 3 hours, which can be done through the micro-USB port.

Final Reaction

When you’re listening to your favorite music or streaming your favorite shows, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best audio quality that you can get. Whether that’s through a pair of headphones, the built-in speaker, or any other means, having great audio will result in better enjoyment. The MAXSound plus from Tribit is a small and lightweight speaker with its size a suitable representation for its price. For less than $100, you’ll get a rugged and durable speaker that produces a balanced and even sound profile that will satisfy any casual listener. For those audiophiles, the X-Bass will fill in those gaps and engage you with a bolder sound that has deep pulsating lows that is compensated with crisp and clear highs and mids

Score: 3.5/5 Atoms




*The MAXSound Plus wireless speaker was provided by Tribit for review purposes.

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