Alien army invades EVE Online players, and onlookers are loving it

EVE Online Drifters

EVE Online is the huge spaceship MMO game with a single, shared world. This creates a thriving community where the name of the game is to be a part of an empire and fighting other players to keep their spot. NPC threats are still a concern, and this time the onslaught is spreading across Null-Sec. Players have been mobilizing to protect their respective empire and territories from the Drifters, a mysterious new faction. This has caused panic in the community, and the game’s news source, The Scope, has an update on what’s happening.

Players were previously dealing with the Triglavian threat with the EVE Online Invasion expansion.

“EVE has always been about actions having lasting and meaningful consequences, so with EVE Online: Invasion our goal has been to provide a universe-changing event for our community to experience in familiar space,” EVE Online’s Creative Director’s Bergur Finnbogason said in a statement. “Capsuleers will be defending their territory from a fearsome new sect. We’re incredibly keen to see our players fighting for the star systems they hold dear against an increasingly serious threat unlike anything they’ve ever faced before!”

There are players unhappy about the invasion since they have to actively defend their area, or else they’ll lose their things. This has even created a cease-fire for factions at war with each other in order to defend their keep.

With EVE Online players scrambling, the rest of the non-players are enjoying the chaos.

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