Crunchyroll heads to Anime Expo 2019 with panels, activations, and premieres

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As we know, Crunchyroll is the biggest and most popular brand in anime. The streaming service offers thousands of TV shows and movies that any anime fan can enjoy. For this year’s upcoming Anime Expo, Crunchyroll is bringing an exuberant amount of world premieres, special guests, and interactive activations, all in the name of celebrating everything that is anime.

Crunchyroll Booth

For those who attend Anime Expo with the intention to buy merchandise that pays homage to your favorite anime, the Crunchyroll Booth is where you’ll want to be. Fans that visit the booth can grab a free drawstring bag that will be offered in four different designs that include “Mob Psycho 100”, “Dr. Stone”, “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”, and “The Rising of the Shield Hero.” These bags will be available each day until supplies run out.

At the booth, you’ll also be able to purchase an exclusive line of merchandise that will be available only during Anime Expo. These exclusive pieces will be available from July 4th to the 7th or until supplies run out. To celebrate the upcoming premiere of Dr. Stone, fans will be able to grab a Senku headband and grab a selfie with a few of the petrified statues that are around the booth.

This year Crunchyroll will introduce its new digital drops, which will give fans a chance to collect and trade virtual stickers from various animes. Located around Crunchyroll’s booth are QR codes that fans will be able to scan. Daily scans will allow die-hard fans to collect all of the digital drops during Anime Expo.


Aside from their booth, Crunchyroll will be holding numerous panels throughout the convention weekend that fans of every type can enjoy. Check out their schedule below:

Crunchyroll HQ

Last but not least will be Crunchyroll HQ, an Anime Expo offsite destination where fans can come and check out some interactive activations throughout the entire venue. A few of the interactive activations that will be viewable at the HQ include:

  • Crunchyroll Games – Fans will be able to demo some of Crunchyroll’s games before they officially launch.
  • The Shield Hero Training Room – Do you think you have what it takes to be a shield hero? If you do, then this will be your chance to test out your skills inside a training room where you can pop balloon monsters with your very own shield.
  • Tower of Slimes – “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” is adored by many, and this will be your chance to take a selfie in front of a tower of giant plushie slimes.
  • Black Clover Photo Op – Fans will be able to strike a pose with Asta’s anti-magic sword while wearing a Black Bull robe.
  • Crunchyroll Expo Booth – For the fans who purchase a ticket to the Upcoming Crunchyroll Expo(8/30 – 9/1 in San Jose) will receive a free vintage CRX tee with your ticket confirmation.

Anime Expo starts next weekend on July 4th and will run until the 7th. For a scheduled breakdown and locations of all of Crunchyroll’s events, look down below:

  • Crunchyroll Booth – Booth #2600
  • Crunchyroll Presents: World premiere of Dr. STONE with special guests – Main Events (Hall B) 
  • Crunchyroll Games Industry Panel – LP3 (408 AB) 
  • Crunchyroll x MAPPA Presents: Zombie Land Saga Stage Event & To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Premiere – Video 1 (JW Marriott – Diamond Ballroom)
  • Crunchyroll Presents: World Premiere with Mamoru Miyano – In/Spectre – LP2 (JW Marriott – Platinum Ballroom) 
  • Stay Crunchy! Those who live anime. – WS1 (403 B) 
  • Crunchyroll Industry Panel – LP1 (Petree Hall) 
  • The Official Crunchyroll-Hime Panel! – LP3 (408AB)
  • Being LGBTQ+ in the Anime Community – LP5 (404 AB) 
  • Crunchyroll HQ – The Novo – 800 W. OLYMPIC BLVD 
    • Thursday, July 4 – 2:00 – 10:00 PM
    • Friday, July 5 – 10:00AM – 10:00PM
    • Saturday, July 6 – 10:00AM – 6:00PM
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