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audio-technica M50xBT

The Audio-Technica M50x over-ear headphones have been a fan favorite amongst serious audiophiles for the last few years. It had great build quality and produced some superior sound, while still being an affordable pair. But as time changes and the need for wired headphones slowly vanishes away, Audio-Technica redesigned the famed M50x with wireless capabilities to better suit the audio needs of today.

When holding a pair of the M50xBT, you can feel that Audio-Technica wanted to keep that same robust design of their wired predecessor. The headset feels sturdy and durable, which is thanks to the metal frame it utilizes. Foam padding lines both the ear cups and headband, which are then wrapped in faux-leather material. While wearing the headphones, you’ll get a slight squeeze on your head, but it’s nothing that will really garner a level of uncomfortableness. 

Audio-Technica opted to keep all of the wireless controls on the left ear cup, which makes it easier when trying to use them. At first glance, the controls do seem as if they’re clumped together too tightly, but in a real-world scenario, I found that I was able to easily navigate to them, and use the button I needed to use. The buttons themselves have a nice responsive and tactile feel, where just a soft push will give you the response you need. Rounding off the design is, of course, the headphones’ ability to be compacted down to a smaller size. It can easily be stored inside its carrying pouch.

The original M50x has been praised for its stunning sound quality, and that does not diminish with the new wireless version. The low end has that entertaining punch to it, but won’t engulf the mid or highs, allowing them to shine themselves. The headphones do support both Qualcomm AptX and AAC, which will give you cleaner crisper audio over the Bluetooth connection. The headphones themselves don’t have any active noise cancellation, but with its tight fit around your ears, outside noise is diminished to an almost unnoticeable level. 

While listening to “3 am Bounce” by No BS! Brass Band, you can truly hear the different layers of music that each instrument was playing. It gave a level of dynamics which made the music really come alive. Switching over to a more hip-hop-centric song with A$AP Rocky’s’ “Praise The Lord(Da Shine),” you’ll get a better grasp of the bumping lows the M50xBT will give you. For roughly three-and-a-half minutes, the song hits you with a constant bass kick that you can feel in your ears. This, of course, is due to the headphones incorporating a 45mm large-aperture driver that helps move the air around inside the headphones. If you’re a fan of hip-hop or even EDM, then you’ll truly get a sweet bass kick from this pair.

The headphones do get pleasingly loud, but not to a point where the music begins to distort or sound insufferable. Even at its highest level, the headphones do a great job of making sure that your music still sounds even across the board. I did experience that at the highest volume setting, you’ll get a little bit of audio leak from the headphones. It’s not an alarming amount as to where bystanders close to you will hear your music, but just enough that in a cramped tight space, a person a foot or two from you will be able to hear what you’re listening to. 

The M50xBT can access either Google Assistant or Siri, which can be done by holding a touch-sensitive button that is hidden in the left ear cup for 2-seconds. This delay is not quite ideal if you need to quickly access your smartphone’s assistant. And in all honesty, there were numerous times that I forgot that the headphones were capable of this feature. For the battery life on a full charge, I was getting around 2 weeks of moderate usage, which is around 2 to 3 hours a day of music listening before I had to recharge. Unfortunately, the M50xBT still uses a micro USB port to charge. Luckily, if the headphones run out of battery and you still want to listen to music, an audio cable is included for a wired option.

Final Reaction

Audio-Technica has built a history of premiere audio products that are suitable for both personal and professional needs. It’s this history that allows them to translate everything they know into a modern day product, and that is clearly shown with the M50xBT. This wireless variant has the functionality and sound performance that you want when listening to your music, whether that’s at home, work, school, or just being outside. For a retail price of $199.99, the Audio-Technica M50xBT is a pair of headphones that lets people know that when it comes to your music, you’re a person that takes it seriously. 

Score: 4.5/5 Atoms



*The M50xBT headphones were provided by Audio-Technica for review purposes.

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