E3 2019: Gears of War 5 news galore!!

Gears of War 5

E3 continues to release more news about upcoming games and Gears of War 5 was one of those games. A new teaser trailer was released as well as a teaser for a new game mode for the game. In the teaser trailer, we see Kait Diaz who is feeling pulled from all directions from friends and the family blood that courses through her veins. We don’t where she’ll end up either following her bloodline or continue what she is doing or maybe both. We won’t find out until the game comes out on September 10th.

Afterward, we get a teaser trailer of a new game mode called Escape. Escape is just as it sounds as you have to escape the situation you’re in. The situation you’re in is your squad of 3, infiltrate a hive, and plant a bomb. Afterward, you have to try to escape. You can also build a custom hive for you to challenge your friends.

Gears of War 5

Finally, it looks like Gears of War has teamed up with the upcoming movie Terminator: Dark FateĀ as they teased an upcoming character pack. The teaser was a parody of the Terminator 2 opening.

What news from E3 are you excited for so far? Will you be picking up the game? Let us know!

Gears of War 5

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