E3 2019: Dragon Ball Project Z announcement and gameplay

Dragon Ball Project Z

E3 is off and running and news of upcoming, soon to be released games, and new IP are abound. Today, we heard about a new Dragon Ball Z game called Dragon Ball Project Z and it looks amazing. It looks to follow the storyline of Goku from the arrival of Vegeta to Earth to the battle with Frieza and all of the stories in between. No word if this will go all the way to the newest arc or even to the Cell Games arc.

But if what Akira Toriyama says is true and this game “will take a deep dive into the Dragon Ball universe” then we can hope that this will be an open world type of game with some fighting in between. And as you can tell from both the trailer and gameplay this will have both English and Japanese audio tracks for the game. So everyone wins. I wonder if they will off both opening songs as well.

No word on a release date but it does show a 2019 year posted. So we know that we’ll hear more this year regarding this game. Are you excited about this news? Let us know.

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