RevoNext QT5 Dual Driver IEM headphones review

If you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones, chances are, you’re going to look for a wireless pair. Flagship phones these days are eliminating the beloved headphone jack, which essentially forces you to go wireless. But if you prefer the simplicity and ease of wired headphones, there’s still plenty of companies who are producing these beloved wired headphones.

For the last few years, RevoNext has been producing wired headphones with True Hi-Fidelity and amazing sound quality. For the last few weeks, I’ve been using their QT5 IEM (in-ear monitor) headphones. A wired in-ear pair of headphones that are built with two different drivers. One dynamic driver which is paired with one balanced armature driver.


Out of the box, the first thing you’ll notice about the RevoNext QT5 is the weight. For such a simplistic design, this pair of headphones have some substantial weight to them. The QT5 uses a full metal housing for the dual driver system, this is where a majority of the weight will come from. The full metal housing does lend to a gorgeous looking pair of headphones that are complemented with curves and lines that draw attention to the pair.

The metal housings are designed and crafted to fit your ear canal with a natural and perfect fit. This gave the QT5 exceptional comfort when I was wearing them. This natural fit also helped block out any outside noise, which allowed me to focus on the music I was listening to. These headphones are also designed to be worn a little bit differently than your traditional wired in-ear headphones. Just like the in-ear monitors you see musicians wearing during concerts, the QT5 is meant to be worn the same way, which means that you would need to first wrap the cable over your ear before placing the housings inside your ear canal. This helps to get rid of that tugging feeling you would normally get with other headphones, especially since the QT5 is heavier than most earbuds.

The QT5’s cable measures around 3-feet (1.2 meters) which is surprisingly long. This length gave me a lot of slack to freely move my head around without any worries. The cable itself is made from plastic and is braided for extra strength and durability. One great thing I liked that RevoNext incorporated was that if the cable was ever to break, you can easily replace it without the need to buy a new pair of headphones. This comes from the small added detail in which you can easily unplug the metal housings from the cable itself.


When it comes to in-ear headphones, the QT5 is as basic as basic can be. You won’t get a microphone or audio controls with this pair, but what you do get is some fantastic audio quality. The combination of the dual drivers and metal housing allow for the air to really move which results in some outstanding bass quality. The lows are crisp and punchy, while the mids and highs come in fairly balanced. What’s great about the QT5’s audio performance is the clear separation you get between the different tones, which means that music won’t sound flat, but instead will have depth and liveliness to it.

The QT5 is able to produce a good level of loudness to whatever you’re listening to. Which means that if you prefer loud and ear-shattering music, then you won’t be disappointed. But I did notice that turning my volume up almost to the highest level, you begin to notice some real audio distortion, which in turn makes almost any music unbearable to listen to. I found that my comfort level was around medium loudness on my preferred device. At that point, I was able to drown out any outside noise, while my music still sounded clean, crisp, and sharp.

Final Reaction

If you’re still one of those audiophiles who need a pair of headphones with an audio cable, or someone who just wants a quick and easy backup pair, then you won’t be disappointed by the RevoNext QT5. For such a simplistic and basic design, I was blown away by the audio quality that these in-ear headphones were able to produce. If you’re a fan of bass than this is a pair that you’ll definitely need, as the dual-driver design gives you just enough to satisfy your auditory needs. Now what’s even more impressive than the sound, is the QT5’s price, which will set you back a mere $30. Now at the loudest point, the QT5 does suffer from noticeable audio distortion and the cable does have a knack of easily getting tangled, but for the price, the QT5 will easily give you a bang for your buck.

Rating 4.5/5 Atoms

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