Fan filmmakers contribute to Alien 40th Anniversary with live-action shorts

Alien 40th Anniversary Shorts

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of Alien, the classic horror and sci-fi film from director Ridley Scott. The franchise is still going on with films like Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, and Fox and Tongal have given a new generation of filmmakers the chance to direct their own live-action Alien short. Out of 550 pitches, only 6 were chosen to move to the next stage, and we have three shorts available online with Alien: Night Shift now online. Each week a new short will be released until Alien Day on April 26th where the final two shorts will be released.

ALIEN: Night Shift – When a missing space trucker is discovered hungover and disoriented, his co-worker suggests a nightcap as a remedy. Near closing time, they are reluctantly allowed inside the colony supply depot where the trucker’s condition worsens, leaving a young supply worker alone to take matters into her own hands. Written and Directed by Aidan Brezonick.

The first short to be released was Alien: Containment from writer/director Chris Reading. It follows four survivors stranded inside a small escape pod, and with an alien on the loose, the team falls apart. Check it out below.

The second short released was Alien: Specimen from director Kelsey Taylor, which follows a botanist on a night shift inside a colony greenhouse. Things go awry when a facehugger is on the loose, and it’s up to her and her lab dog to find out what’s going on.

Next week will be the release of Alien: Ore from directors Kailey & Sam Spear, twins sisters from Bowen Island, BC. The short follows a miner in a mining colony. This is definitely the more heartfelt of the bunch with main protagonist Lorraine wanting a better life for her daughter and grandchildren. Inside the mine, she’ll encounter a tough decision that will decide her fate when it comes to an unknown threat.

The two final shorts are Alien: Harvest and Alien: Alone, which will be released on April 26th. My personal favorite is Harvest since it gets right to the point and ditches the slow buildup seen from the rest of the shorts for fast-paced action. It’s a nice change of pace that’s all about the xenomorph doing what it does best, terrifying a space crew.

You can check out the rest when they are released on IGN and Get a glimpse of the shorts in the trailer for the Alien 40th Anniversary Shorts below:

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