Borderlands 3 is official coming with new reveal trailer

A “Mask of Mayhem” teaser trailer was released that got fans hyped for a new Borderlands game. It featured old and new characters from the franchise including Lilith, Sir Hammerlock, Ellie, Moxxi, Brick, Mordecai, and a grown-up Tiny Tina. Now the reveal trailer has been released during the Gearbox PAX East panel, confirming that Borderlands 3 is indeed happening. Fans got to see gameplay and other goodies.

In the Borderlands 3 reveal trailer, we’re introduced to the new Vault Hunters along with the baddies. Gearbox Software is also touting over a billion guns. That’s a whole lot of guns that includes guns with legs.

If you have played Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands, you’ll notice Rhys, and it looks like the spinoff game is definitely going to be canon.

Can you believe that Borderlands 2 was released in 2012? Between now and then, gamers have seen more looter shooters surface including BioWare’s Anthem, Ubisoft’s The Division, and Bungie’s Destiny. It should be interesting to see Borderlands 3 going back to size up the competition.

Gearbox Software is going to release more information about the game on April 3rd, so stay tuned.

Borderlands 3 wasn’t the only thing shown during the Gearbox panel. The original Borderlands is getting a newly remastered edition called Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition. It’s going to have new weapons, visual upgrades, quality of life improvements, all four add-on packs and more. The remastered game will be released on April 3rd for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Other announcements include Borderlands Ultra HD Texture Packs. It’ll be an optional free download for The Handsome Collection on consoles and Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for PC.  This will be available on April 3, 2019.

As for Borderlands 2 VR, all the existing Borderlands 2 DLC will be made available via PlayStation VR in the summer of 2019 for free.



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