Stranger Things Season 3 trailer takes us to the summer of the ’80s

Stranger Things 3

Netflix has just dropped the trailer for Stranger Things Season 3, and it’s filled with all the wonderful things from the ’80s. The whole gang is back, and this time they’ll be facing a new threat along with meeting new characters. The series is premiering on Netflix on the Fourth of July, and the trailer captures the summer feel, especially with┬áThe Who’s “Teenage Wasteland” playing in the background.

Before the world of The Upside Down can get the chance to ruin their day, we get to see the kids having fun as they spend time at the mall, plan a welcome home surprise for Dustin, Billy becoming a lifeguard and getting checked out by the ladies, and Eleven and Max becoming BFFs. Of course, evil will be lurking as the trailer starts to amp up the action as we see a new creature, Hopper holding a silenced gun, Billy being infected, Eleven and Mike kissing, shots of women working out in their ’80s aerobics gear, Steve getting attacked with a needle, and more.

Steve is really becoming a great friend and ally to the kids, and he has really grown since his days as the jackass boyfriend in season 1. Could we see a transformation for Billy, who was a bully in season 2? With him being infected, he could turn things around to help the town of Hawkins. Or maybe he’ll continue being a hunky lifeguard while giving and receiving attention from the opposite sex.

The mall looks to be another big background character with Steve working at a fast food place that is definitely inspired by Hot Dog on a Stick. There’s also a protest with one person holding a sign that says “Recall the mall.”

What’s really sad is seeing Will looking at photos of the gang as if the old days are gone. Is Mike telling Will to grow up? It sounds like it since Mike is likely to spend more time with Eleven, causing Will to feel left out.

Stranger Things Season 3 premieres July 4, 2019, on Netflix.

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