Warner Bros’ Kevin Tsujihara relinquishes role as CEO after sex controversy

Kevin Tsujihara

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It has not been a good time for Warner Bros’ Kevin Tsujihara ever since The Hollywood Reporter unveiled messages between him and an aspiring actress, Charlotte Kirk, looking for work in Hollywood. In the messages, it revealed that he used her for sex and she used him to help her with her acting career. Now we have news that Tsujihara is stepping down as the CEO of Warner Bros after the controversy hit.

The announcement was made via a press release from WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey where Tsujihara decided to resign.

“Kevin has contributed greatly to the studio’s success over the past 25 years and for that we thank him. Kevin acknowledges that his mistakes are inconsistent with the company’s leadership expectations and could impact the company’s ability to execute going forward,” Stankey said.

Kevin Tsujihara has been a big supporter of bringing other DC heroes to the big screen despite the studio’s previous hesitation after the failure of Green Lantern. (The film received negative reviews from critics and bombed at the box office.) Since his time as CEO, we’ve seen movies like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the upcoming Shazam! Warner Bros is also working on bringing even more DC characters to the big screen including Birds of Prey starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Huntress.

Warner Bros tried to capture the Marvel formula by creating its own DC Extended Universe, but that plan has been shifted. Justice League, a film that featured many of DC’s top superheroes, had disappointing box office numbers. And then there are standalone films like Wonder Woman and Aquaman making a lot of money without needing to bring in a bunch of heavy hitters, and the latter made over $1 billion. Tsujihara said that Warner Bros’ future DC movies will be less connected.

The next Warner Bros and DC film we’ll see will be The Joker standalone film starring Joquin Phoenix. It hits theaters on October 4, 2019.

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