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Today’s technology has made it easier for people to get fit and healthy. There are hundreds of apps to help people workout of all fitness levels, and there are apps that help us regulate and watch the food we eat. But as we march forward to build a healthier and more active version of ourselves, there will be times where our bodies will suffer from fatigue and strain.

To combat the pain, fatigue, and soreness our bodies can be subjected to, we’ll often head to our nearest masseuse or physical therapist. But for those who can’t afford such a luxury, there are alternatives that you can do in the privacy of your own home. ElectroFit is a piece of technology that provides an electrical muscle stimulation which will help you either gain muscles or relieve some pain, all within an app.

The central hub of the ElectroFit is a small palm-sized device that’s very basic in its design and build. In the center of the device is the power button which is surrounded by an LED light, that lets you know the device is on. On the top side there will be a micro USB port to charge up the device, and on the back side, you’ll find a connection point. Along with the central hub is a 6-inch lead cable that connects to the hub via micro USB.

To feel the full effects of the ElectroFit, you’ll need to attach the electrode pads to your body. You get two different shapes and sizes when it comes to the pads. One is a large rectangular piece and the other is a smaller triangular shape. The pads utilize a cooling gel adhesive that makes applying and taking off your skin very easily. The gel allows the pads to transfer the electrical stimulation to your muscles in a more reliable manner, as well as make them reusable.

When it comes to the app, the user interface is easy to understand and operate. The first time you open the app, you’ll find two yellow buttons that will help you either connect the hub to your smartphone and easily start what your last treatment was. Selecting the type of workout is simple, as well as selecting what areas you want to target with the device. There’s also a calendar that lets you view what days and what workout treatment you ran through.

I used the Electrofit when I was experiencing some pain in my upper back as well as my shoulders. The first area I targeted was my back, which took me some time to attach it properly. Now I usually wake up in the morning with my back feeling very tight, so I wanted to relieve it by using the pain relief option. I started off at a low setting, but ElectroFit recommends that you use the device at an intensity where you can visually feel your muscles twitch that’s within your comfort level. After a while, I set the intensity at about an eleven, which really made the muscles in my back tense up. At first, the intensity was uncomfortable, but I got used to the sensation fairly quickly. The electrical stimulation that it produced was a quick series of impulses that would gradually intensify over a few seconds. I would say it is similar to someone poking you with a blunt object in a very quick manner.

Next was my shoulders, which I used the massage setting for. The stimulation was the same as the pain relief option, where it produced a quick succession of impulses that gradually increased, but the only difference this time was the gradual increase occurred much faster and held the last impulse for a longer period of time. Selecting different settings will produce different impulses for your muscles. One setting would alternate the impulse between the pads, while another will give you a quick and constant impulse. So depending on what you want to achieve with the Electrofit, the impulses are designed to engage your muscle fibers in different ways.

Final Reaction

Regardless if you’re just starting your journey into physical fitness, or are a seasoned pro, the one thing that stays constant is that we need to make sure our bodies stay in top condition, so that we can continue our physical fitness. The Electrofit is a great device that can help you to recover from any pain, fatigue, or soreness. The variances in electrical stimulation help expand the options in what you can do with the device. Personally, my favorite was the massage setting, and though it won’t feel that same as an actual masseuse, I know that I can quickly get some relief in just a few minutes without leaving my home.

The app was very easy to understand and use, but there were times where I would encounter some connection problems, forcing me to reconnect. There was also a few times where the pads would start pulsating the moment I turned on the device, without even connecting to the app. Battery life is good, a full charge will get you about 8-hours of usage, and you can get a full charge in about 2-hours. The electrode pads have a good adhesive to it, ensuring that it stays on you the entire time, and it doesn’t cause any skin irritation. If you treat your body like a temple and like to stay active, the Electrofit is one of those devices that you need that will assist you to build or rebuild your muscles to help accomplish those physical challenges you set yourself.

Score: 4/5 Atoms

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