A game called ‘Rape Day’ is under review by Steam

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Credit: Desk Lamp’s Steam Page

There’s a game called Rape Day that is currently under review by Steam, which has been developed by Desk Lamp for two years. The indie developer hopes to have the game be available on the popular video game distribution platform. However, there have been many users urging the Steam to remove the game, but the company usually is hands-off with controversial games.

Here’s the description of the game: “Rape Day is a game where you can rape and murder during a zombie apocalypse.”

“At some point in the future, game historians will look back on visual novels such as ‘rape day’ as game historians look back on games such as “grand theft auto” now or even the first time nudity was shown on television,” the developer added in the game’s FAQ page.

According to Desk Lamp, the review process is taking longer than usual because a game about rape may be illegal in certain parts of the world.

“I learned that because the game contains sexual content and content that may be illegal in some countries, the review process will take much longer than expected. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a more specific time estimate for you guys.”

The developer said that Rape Day was created for a very niche market and said that there are players who will be entertained who aren’t sociopaths.

“4% of the general population are sociopaths and the type of people that would be entertained by a story like this is not even limited to pure sociopaths,” the developer said.

A previous game called Active Shooter became controversial on Steam since it was a school shooting simulator. Steam ended up removing the game last year, saying that it was “straight up trolling.” There are two reasons why Valve would remove a game, one is trolling and the other is having illegal content.

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