Alita: Battle Angel reaches $350 million worldwide

Alita: Battle Angel

There were those who predicted that Alita: Battle Angel would bomb very hard during its opening weekend in the States, but it became the #1 movie, beating out The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part and new movies like Happy Death Day 2U and Isn’t It Romantic. When it opened in China, it grossed over $60 million, which definitely helped its international gross. Now the movie is on its third weekend, and it has grossed over $350 million worldwide. These numbers aren’t huge blockbuster numbers, but it is showing that there is hope for a sequel.

Alita: Battle Angel is still gaining traction, but for the movie to break even, it’s estimated that it needs to make between $350 million to $400 million from a production budget of $170 million plus the marketing cost. Over the weekend, it has grossed $7 million, putting the film in third place behind How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World and Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral. The total amount for domestic box office gross is over $72 million. Outside of the U.S., the film made $40.4 million, giving it a total of $278.2 million internationally and over $350 million worldwide.

At this rate, it will definitely break even. Now the real question is if it’ll make enough profit to warrant a sequel. If the Avatar sequels become a huge success for Disney and Fox, then perhaps the studios will be open to the idea, just to please director James Cameron. That’s of course if Cameron and his team are interested in proceeding.

Director Robert Rodriguez and actress Rosa Salazar have both expressed interest in returning for a sequel.

“Oh yeah! I would love to come back and do that one,” Rodriguez tells Nerd Reactor. “It was so fun. Working with Jim’s great, I thought Rosa was incredible, and the effects were just amazing, To think they would even be better by then for the sequel because they just keep evolving. Those guys at WETA are just at the top of their game. And just as a writing process, even if there isn’t a sequel, I got to see how Jim crafts his movies and stories. He outlines out several pictures just to let you know what to include in the first one and what not to include and what’s not necessary. There are so many mangas and so many places we can go that it would be pretty easy to come up with a second step.”

“I can tell you that I will play this character for the rest of my life because I love her,” Rosa tells Nerd Reactor about wanting to play Alita. “And thanks to the performance capture technology, I probably could play this character for the rest of my life.”

If the Alita: Battle Angel sequel does happen, Salazar wants a shot of the film to capture the cowboy-inspired pages from the Alita manga.

“I have one very vivid shot that I would love to see as the opening shot,” Salazar said. “Any fans of the manga would know what I’m talking about. It’s Alita and she’s on the ground and she’s got this cape on and her wild hair is blowing in the wind and she’s playing the harmonica. It’s like an ode to cowboys. She is a cowboy, she is a ronin, she is a lone wolf, and I would really love to see her wrestle with that in the second film or third one.”

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