Photographer allegedly caught using hidden cameras on cosplayers

The cosplay community has had its fair share of drama, with a few cosplayers and photographers being accused of sexual assault. Now we have controversy surrounding cosplay photographer Michael Benedict, with people coming forward that he has placed hidden cameras in the changing room during photoshoots. Benedict is a known cosplayer photographer in the Southern California area, and he has allegedly admitted that he was recording footage of cosplayers changing in the studio’s changing room without their knowledge and consent.

Cosplay Photographer Alliance Events Page and other groups have made public posts about this. Benedict was contacted by many, and he seems to be admitting that he was the one responsible for recording models in the dressing room.

Oscar Ponce of Cosplay Photographer Alliance Events made a comment on February 11:

“We as a group don’t usually call people out but after finding out about this the admins and I felt that this needed to be out. Michael Benedict has been putting a spycam in changing rooms when he does shoots. I can only imagine the impact that this is going to have to the trust between photographers and cosplayers

This type of behavior is not welcomed in this group and there is a zero tolerance policy to anything that puts cosplayers and photographers in danger. I don’t know Michael very well but it sickens me to know that he has shot with people he met through this group. Everyone needs to check themselves and conduct themselves as professionals. He has been removed and banned from this group and any of our events. There is going to be some changes coming to help protect against this type of thing. I don’t even know what else to say…”

Soon after Twitter user Luciferbob has commented about this while posting screenshots of Benedict’s alleged conversation where he admits that he was using spy cameras to record the changing room.

“Well this is disgusting to hear. A cosplay photog was caught hiding a spy cam inside a changing room at a studio that they used. Friends, be careful when doing studio shoots. Once more info is available I’ll update”


The alleged conversation reveals that there were 300 videos, with Benedict admitting guilt of having the spy camera and invading the cosplayers’ privacy. He apologized to all the cosplayers involved and said that he’ll be removing himself from the cosplay and photography community.

As of now, Michael Benedict has removed his Instagram @michaelbenedictla

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