Battle royale game Apex Legends reaches 10 million players, plus Battle Pass info

Apex Legends

Battle royale games have been very popular with games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII – Blackout. Recently Hi-Rez Studios released Realm Royale in beta, and this week EA and Respawn Entertainment have released Apex Legends, the free-to-play battle royale game. The game was released on Monday, February 4, and it has already reached over 10 million players.

In addition to over 10 million players, Apex Legends also reached 1 million concurrent players. The game’s release was a surprise to many since EA didn’t do any advance marketing. Instead, Respawn Entertainment enlisted the help of streamers to help push the game, and it all happened in less than a week. It was a bold move that worked in EA and Respawn’s favor, especially since the video game community has been vocal against EA and loot boxes. (Sales for Battlefield V have been disappointing despite it selling 7.3 million units, with EA blaming the game’s release date and the lack of the battle royale mode.)

With Apex Legends coming out of nowhere, it didn’t leave room for gamers and outlets to ponder about about a new game from Respawn that’s not Titanfall 3.

Apex Legends has some cool features including being able to launch together in a team compared to dropping out individually. Other features include ropes that allow for fast traversal. You can use the available ropes to zipline, climb up, and slide down. You can even climb up really fast on certain ones to help you glide towards otherĀ areas.

Apex Legends does take place in the Titanfall universe, but your character won’t be able to run on walls, double jump, or pilot Titans. Players can compete in solo, squad and duos, and in squads, only 3 players can fit in matches containing a total of 60 players.

The game will a seasonal Battle Pass system, which will reward players with exclusive cosmetic items. In addition to seasonal cosmetics, there are also Apex Packs. You’ll be able to unlock some of the items during gameplay, but if you buy the Battle Pass, you can earn all 100 different items available for the season. What’s not included in the Battle Pass are Legends. Lastly, each season lasts around three months.




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