Insta360 announces Titan, an 8-lens 11K cinematic VR camera

If you’ve spent a moderate time on Instagram, chances are, you’ve probably seen a post from Insta360, a company that has changed the game when it comes to capturing video in 360°. The ONE X, Insta360’s flagship camera, was a revolutionary piece of equipment for action enthusiasts. It was able to capture 360° video with resolutions up to 5.7k with unremarkable stabilization.

The ONE X allowed content creators to show a new perspective when it came to their videos. But the small and compact size has some limitations. For the serious content creators and filmmakers out there, Insta360 wanted to create a new tool, that can give them a new way to present their creative ideas. Earlier this month, Insta360 unveiled their Titan camera.

The Titan is an eight-lens cinematic VR camera that can capture 360° photos and videos with an outstanding 11K resolution. The eight cameras on the Titan each utilizes a Micro Four Thirds  (MFT) sensor, which makes it the largest sensor that is available in any standalone VR camera. These MFT sensors will give the Titan high dynamic range, better low-light performance, and color depth, and will maximize image quality.

Some of the key shooting modes that the Titan will have will include 11K at 30fps, 10K 3D at 30fps, 8K at 60fps, and 5.3K at 120fps. Additionally, the Titan will also have the ability to capture 11K 360° photos in 3D monoscopic formats. The Titan won’t be cheap, as it’s tailored-made towards the serious filmmaker and not your everyday avid shooter. The Titan will have a price tag of $15,000 with an expected shipping date sometime in April. For those who are serious about purchasing the Titan, Insta360 is opening reservations, granted you’ll have to put down a fully refundable deposit. You can watch their announcement video below.

Now if the Titan is something you’re interested in but can’t quite see yourself spending $15,000, Insta360 has a smaller version called the “Insta360 Pro 2.” The Pro 2 is a groundbreaking six-lens VR camera that will be capable of shooting 8K 3D photos or video. The Pro 2 digs into its six cameras to capture every angle simultaneously. It then creates two 8K 360° images and then fuses them together to create a very detailed 3D image.

The Pro 2 is able to capture 8K 3D at 30fps, 8K monoscopic at 60fps, and 4K 3D at 120fps. An in-camera HDR will keep the lighting even across the six cameras and an i-Log mode will give you complete flexibility with colors in post-production. To keep your filming smooth and steady, the Pro 2 will feature Insta360s proprietary FlowState stabilization, which is aided by an ultra-precise gyroscope that is capable of tracking motion on nine axes.

The Pro 2 is available now and will cost $4,999 USD.

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