Narwal Robotic Cleaner, the self-cleaning vacuum and mop robot


There are vacuum and mop robots available, but Narwal Robotic Cleaner is a robot that can do vacuuming, mopping and self-cleaning. Nerd Reactor was able to check it out during CES, and we were pretty impressed with the technology.

Narwal Rotobitc Cleaner is able to clean all types of floors including vinyl, tile, hardwood, laminate and certain types of carpet. We checked out the cleaner working hard inside a hotel suite bathroom. It was mapping out the area and then proceeded to clean the floor. We even had a coke spill on the tiles to see the mop in action. The robot worked like a charm, and once it was done with the first round, and went back inside its docking station to wash and dry the mop. It’s pretty smart too since it can figure out when to wash itself based on how long it was cleaning outside, the areas it was cleaning, and how dry the mop is.

The docking station is split into two main categories, clean water and dirty water. When the Narwal Robotic Cleaner returns, it cleans itself using clean water and removes dirt into the dirty water bin. The robot will always clean on schedule without disruption since it knows when to return to recharge the battery before it runs out.

The vacuum uses the 1800Pa motor for sucking up dust, dirt, pet hair and other particles.

With the mapping technology, it scans your home and separates areas into sections and/or rooms. And every time it’s out cleaning or mapping, it’ll update the map for changes in the area. It can also prevent itself from bumping into objects or falling thanks to its Anti-Collision and Anti-Drop sensors.

The Narwal app, which is available via Google Play and Apple Store, allows you to customize its cleaning habits including spot cleaning, mopping times, the dryness of mops and cleaning sequence of the areas.

If you want a piece of mind with cleaning around the house, keep the Narwal Robotic Cleaner on your radar.

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