Beyerdynamic shows off newest line of headphones at CES

Beyerdynamic CES

Since its founding in the 1920s, Beyerdynamic has been one of the most coveted names when it comes to quality audio products. Their DT 770 pro and 990 pro have both been regarded as some of the best headphones to use in and out of the music studio. During CES, Beyerdynamic showcased a few new products that look to expand on their already stellar list of audio gear.

On the software side, Beyerdynamic announced the Mosayc Sound Personalization by Mimi Defined. This unique and innovative technology will personally tailor a set of headphones to a user’s distinctive listening patterns and adapt the results. The Mosayc Sound will be incorporated into their new Lagoon ANC, Xelento Wireless, Aventho Wireless, and Amiron Wireless headphones.

The Lagoon ANC is a wireless Circumaural (around the ear) headphone with digital active noise cancellation technology. Beyerdynamic states that the Lagoon ANC will capable of producing great quality sound with or without ANC active. The headphones will feature a light guide system with touchpad control and will be available in two different colorways: Black/Blue and Grey/Brown.

Aiming to achieve the best possible sound, Beyerdynamic created the Xelento Wireless, a pair of headphones that uses a miniaturized version of the Tesla driver. The headphones will support Qualcomm aptX HD and AAC. Battery life will offer eight hours of high-resolution sound and will have ergonomically shaped housing. High-end quality materials such as silver-plated cables, aluminum battery casing, and engraved faceplates will give the Xelento a luxurious quality.

Aventho Wireless uses the legendary Tesla technology with high-end Bluetooth transmission to deliver optimal sound to these Supra-aural headphones. The headphones will support aptX HD and AAC and will have a battery life of up to 30 hours. Integrated touchpad controls in the ear cup will offer intuitive operation, along with a hands-free microphone for phone calls.

Catering to gamers of all levels, Beyerdynamic has announced the new Team Tygr gaming bundle. The bundle will include the new TYGR 300 R headphones and the Fox USB Studio Microphone. The team Tygr bundle is perfect for those gamers who like to broadcast their intense gaming sessions.

The TYGR 300 R will feature soft ear-enclosing velour cushions to maximize comfort. The headphones will offer excellent sound quality, which is redefined for object localization in the game. When using the FOX USB microphone, gamers will get exceptional speech intelligibility due to its large diaphragm condenser capsule. The microphone will have platform independent streaming, regardless if the gamers use PC, console, or a mobile device.

For the audiophiles who are looking for a low-profile pair of headphones that offer quality sound, Beyerdynamic has released the BYRD series. A series of headphones that offer a balanced sound with good resolution, ergonomically shaped housings that will provide a secure and comfortable fit in the ear. The BYRD line will have four different models to choose from. The Beat, Soul, Blue, and Blue ANC.

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