LIZN hearpieces helps you focus on who you’re talking to

If you ever find yourself inside a bar, club, or a busy restaurant, then you know that the volume inside can be quite loud, which can make it difficult to hear the person you’re trying to talk to. Fortunately, Danish startup LIZN knows the difficulty of trying to talk in loud environments, which is why they’ve announced the U.S. release and unveiling of their “hearpieces.”

LIZN is a revolutionary Bluetooth audio device that is designed to amplify and boost the hearing of speech in noisy places. LIZN hearpieces are designed to have dual functionality. They work as wireless earbuds, perfect for music listening, as well as a speech enhancement device. To switch between the two is simple and seamless. The only requirement is that you tap the device using the finger touch function.

The LIZN hearpieces are engineered with directional microphones that are coupled with advanced sound processing that will enhance human speech. This will give you the ability to clearly hear, regardless of the amount of noise inside your environment. For LIZN to work, all you need to do is simply face the direction of the person you are talking to. While you’re using the hearpieces to hear, LIZN will continuously analyze the sound in your surroundings and adjust the amplification. If you feel that you need a little bit more amplification, you can activate the “boost” feature with a simple finger touch.

The LIZN hearpieces don’t just amplify the volume of the things you want to listen to, but they also dampen the overall noise that surrounds you. This makes LIZN perfect for any place that might have crosstalk, such as a boardroom or conference room. It is also designed to eliminate the sound of your own voice or that “bubble effect.” Typically, when wearing standard earbuds, they will create a complete seal inside your ears. This doesn’t allow the air to consistently flow, which is why sometimes you feel like you can hear your own voice echoing when you talk. LIZN is designed with an open fitting to let that constant air flow between your ears and surroundings, which will eliminate that feeling of being in a bubble.

LIZN hearpieces are scheduled to be released this coming February. They will come in three different colors: Ruby Red, Caffe Latte, and Anthracite Grey. They will retail for $199.

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