Block out or hear the world around you with HB-V70 from DJ Direct

Next to audio quality, active noise cancellation is the one feature that serious listeners look for. With good quality active noise cancellation, an audiophile can easily tune the world out and indulge themselves in music. But there will be those times when you need to listen to the outside world around you.

DJ Direct Inc introduced yesterday its latest headphones, the HB-V70. These new headphones will have open ear control, noise-canceling technology, and customizable listening profiles. The HB-V70 will let users either block out the noise they don’t want to hear or let them listen to their surroundings while outside. On top of high-end sound, the HB-V70 will also feature an adaptable listening experience that can be personalized for your utmost musical enjoyment.

With the goal of protecting lives in mind, the HB-V70 was created to provide quality audio while simultaneously allowing people to be in tune with their surroundings. It’s estimated that 2 million pedestrians are injured every year in accidents related to smartphone use, and by inhibiting your ability to hear around you, the risk of an accident increases.

The HB-V70 can allow users to hear the noise outside by including external microphones in their design. The microphones will capture the ambient noise and the internal speakers will play it back. With the HB-V70’s state of the art microphone technology, the headphones will allow users to listen to the people they’re talking to or hear oncoming traffic, all while the music their listening to isn’t minimized. The built-in microphones can also help produce some quality ANC. If a user prefers to block out the outside noise, the microphones will work tandemly with the internal speakers to provide unmatched noise cancellation.

For audio quality, the HB-V70 knows that everyone hears things differently. Some people might be sensitive to lows, while some might be sensitive to the highs. Regardless of what your hearing preference is, the HB-V70 will adjust to give you a comfortable and pleasurable listening experience. Working in unison with a dedicated audio equalizer application, the HB-V70 looks to ensure that anytime you put on the headphones, you’ll get perfect audio every time.

Design wise, the headphones will feature sleek, touch control buttons that will let you play, pause, navigate songs, or adjust the volume. Sensors will be built into the headphones that will be able to detect when the user is wearing them. The sensors will allow for automatic play or pause of music when it has detected the headphones are in use.  The HB-V70 will also be compatible with either Google Assistant or Siri.

The headphones are available now on Kickstarter until February 3rd, with special pricing of $115 (MSRP: $229.00). Delivery is slated for a March release. You can order your pair here.

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