CES: iBuyPower introduces new cases for PC enthusiasts

Building your own PC is a way to show people that you are serious about the machine that you use. Customizing a PC from the ground up is a way to express who you are and wave around that “nerd” flag. But there is only so much that you can do to a custom PC. You can add some RGB lighting for aesthetic flair, include a water cooling kit to keep your PC in tip-top shape, and you can even show off the insides by adding a plexiglass window. Some gamers even take it a step further by having their favorite characters etched into their cases.

For the last 20 years, iBuyPower has been supplying gamers and PC enthusiasts with some of the best PCs money can buy. From cases to computer essentials, iBuyPower insured that every computer they sold was built to last. During CES, iBuyPower introduced a new line of PC cases that are meant to change the way we look and build the next generation of PCs.

The Revolt 3 is the latest version of iBuyPower’s revolt line cases, this time focusing more on the aesthetics and materials while at the same time being a competition powerhouse. The Revolt 3 will utilize a unique dual-sided layout with tempered glass. This ensures that every piece of hardware inside the revolt 3 can be seen. A majority of the exterior surfaces will be made from metal or glass to give the case a premium look and feel.

When it comes to performance, the Revolt 3 will support everything that you need and more. The Revolt 3 will support dual SSDs with quick swapping, dual 120mm radiators, and dual graphics cards. The support for dual PCIe devices means that you can either install two graphics cards or a graphics card and an expansion card. When it comes to heat displacement, the Revolt 3 will be designed to allow the heat to flow in a single path, end to end, which is all done with a large 200mm front intake fan.

In early 2017, iBuyPower launched the snowblind cases. It was the first time we’ve ever seen a case that utilized a transparent LCD side panel. The snowblind case was a creative way for PC users to customize the look of their PC rigs, but as cool as it looked it came with some difficulties, mainly the way the LCD screen was tethered.

This year, iBuyPower announced the Snowblind S, an updated look to snowblind cases. It will still have the transparent LCD panel, but the noticeable difference will be a new “hot plug” connector that will allow for the side panel to be easily removed without the need to disconnect any wires. The Snowblind S will also feature a new chassis that will give the case a strong and durable feel while utilizing less material.

The real icing on the cake for iBuyPower this year is the introduction of the Project Snowblind x4. If you think that one transparent LCD panel sounded cool, just imagine 4 panels on your next computer rig. The Project Snowblind x4 is still going through a phase of designs to ensure that when it is released, users won’t run into any complications. Now on top of the 4 transparent LCD panels, the Snowblind x4 will have the ability to rotate, allowing you to show off the interior from all sides.

There are no official release dates for iBuyPower’s next line of cases, but we can expect them to be released sometime later this year.

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