Zhiyun showcases its newest gimbals at CES

Camera gimbals have become one of the essential tools in any videographer or content creator’s bag. It provides clean and steady shots with minimal effort, and over the years, manufacturers have enhanced them with features that can alleviate any problems that a filmmaker might come across. But one problem that gimbals can’t solve… fatigue.

A few gimbals on the market can easily support a camera payload of up to ten pounds, and in just a few minutes of use, most filmmakers will start to feel that weight bearing down on their arms. With that in mind, Zhiyun approached the problem and created a brand new camera gimbal designed to make carrying and operating easy and comfortable.

The Crane 3 Lab is the newest iteration in Zhiyun’s lineup of camera gimbals. The Crane 3 lab comes with a redefined design that adds a secondary handgrip to the camera gimbal. Both handles of the Crane 3 Lab are now shorter, which brings the gimbal closer to your body, helping with the overall balance and feel. The secondary handle also allows you to easily switch to a low angle shot with just a simple movement.

The Crane 3 Lab comes with new features that can take filmmakers to the next level. To give them a better view of what they are shooting, the Crane 3 Lab will feature a wireless image transmission that will be capable of supporting a video stream of up to 1080 resolution right to your smartphone. The gimbal will also be equipped with both a focus and zoom modules that will allow the user to simultaneously control the zoom and focus at the same time. On the secondary handle grip, Zhiyun has included a control panel with an OLED screen that will allow the user to control not only the gimbals features, but also control the camera.

The Crane 3 Lab will be able to support full-frame camera systems up to 10lbs. It will be powered up with 18650 batteries, which can be easily swappable or charged through USB. The batteries can give the gimbal power for up to 7.5 hours. The Crane 3 Lab is available for pre-order at major photo/video retailers and will be priced at $899.

For the content creators and filmmakers that use smaller, lighter cameras such as mirrorless cameras, Zhiyun has also released the Weebill Lab. It features the same dual handle grip design as the Crane 3 Lab and will be able to support cameras with a payload of up to 6lbs. The Weebill will be able to easily transform to a low grip for low-angle shots and will also be powered using 1650 batteries that will give the Weebill 10 hours of use with a single charge. The Weebill is available for pre-order and will retail for $599.

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