Wicked Audio announces new headphones for CES

The Consumer Electronics Show is the mecca for technology aficionados, and with it just being a few days away, tech companies are starting to roll out their latest and greatest in consumer technology. Wicked Audio, manufacturers of stylish and affordable headphones, will be showcasing four new additions to its line of audio products.

Next to making affordable headphones, Wicked Audio designs its headphones to be appealing and stylish all while incorporating superior sound quality. Continuing on the trend of wireless headphones, Wicked will be releasing the Dunmore, portal, Syver, and the Gnar headphones all within this coming year.

The Dunmore will be one of Wicked’s most versatile headphones to date. It will be a feature-packed true wireless earbud that will have extended battery life. This will allow users to listen to music for up to six hours without a single charge. The included charging case will also double as a power bank that will let users charge other devices along with the headphones. The Dunmore will have a waterproof rating of IPX5 and will be built with a comfortable fit.

If your New Year’s resolution is to be more active and to get fit, then the Portal is the go-to headphone. Catering to those with an active lifestyle, the Portal will feature a neck-lock style which will have an anchor fit. The Portal will provide users with maximum comfort with rubberized and angled housing which will be an ideal audio companion for extended workouts.

If there’s one thing that youths like to do, it’s to travel and seek out adventures. For those adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers, the Syver will be the headphones that Wicked audio wants you to take along. The headphones will have a waterproof and dust resistance rating of IP65, making it tough enough to brave any environmental elements that you might encounter. The charging case will double as a travel speaker, which is ideal if you want to share the music you’re listening to with the new people you meet.

The Gnar headphones aim to be the ideal pair for those on-the-go people, who are looking for a pair of headphones that won’t break the bank. Not only will the Gnar be Wicked’s most affordable headphone amongst the four new styles, but it will also feature ambient noise protection. This will allow users to hone in and focus on what they’re listening to. The Gnar will include a built-in mic with an answer and hangup settings, as well as controls which will let users play and pause their music.

All of Wicked Audios four new headphones will be available this coming spring.

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