Brighten up the holidays with VRV’s curated list of shows

Christmas is here which means it’s time to stuff your face with delicious holiday food, unwrap presents, and spend some quality time with your friends and family. While you sit you in front of the fireplace, drinking eggnog, reminiscing about this past year, cozy up by the T.V. and stream some holiday episodes that are specially curated by VRV.

VRV offers a variety of channels that have a long list of quality content that will appeal to any viewer of any age. For fans who are looking for nostalgic cartoons of yesteryear, the NickSplat! Or Boomerang channel will be more suited for you. For anime fans, Crunchyroll and HIDIVE will be what you’re looking for. For obscure comedies, you’ll want to head over to either the Rooster Teeth, MONDO, or Cartoon Hangover channels. For the folks that want a little bit of macabre during the holidays, the Shudder channel will definitely have something for you.

With a variety of options right at your fingertips. Here are a few shows that you should watch while you unwrap your gifts:

-Boomerang – Bunnicula – The Gingerdread Man
-Boomerang – A Flintstones Christmas Carol
-NickSplat! – Rocket Power
-NickSplat! – All Grown Up
-Crunchyroll – Laid-Back Camp
-HIDIVE – Bloom Into You
-Rooster Teeth – Camp Camp
-MONDO – Gary and His Demons
-Cartoon Hangover – Bee and Puppycat
-Cartoon Hangover – Bravest Warriors
-VRV Select – Final Space
-Shudder – Black Christmas

With a few more days left until we say goodbye to 2018, these upcoming days will be filled with cheer and the holiday spirit. And there’s nothing that will help brighten up your holiday festivities more than watching a few good shows that epitomize the Christmas season.

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