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If you’re lucky enough to receive a mysterious package from a friend or family member via The Mysterious Package Company, then you’re in for a treat of discovery and wonder… and maybe something terrifying. Well, somebody needs to start the ball rolling, and if you have a friend who’s into adventure via mail, then The Mysterious Package Company should be on your radar. There are different types of packages, so you can send one that can scare or delight them. We received a horror package that made it feel like we uncovered a diary from a missing boy named Justin Gray. The contents inside get creepier and creepier the more we dived into it.

The diary was locked inside a wooden box, and we had to pry it open since it was shut tight with actual nails. A letter from a man named Tom lets us know that he is passing along the package to us. He describes it as a burden, and he’s relieved that he’s no longer in possession of it. Well, that’s good to know…. not! In addition, there are clippings from the newspaper of obituaries and news of murder and death from the past.

Inside the diary are daily accounts of Justin’s life, and he talks about his dog passing away and having a new life in England with a different family and school. The boy starts to get weird dreams and jots them down in the diary. He then starts to hear voices, discovers an old metal coin (see photo above), and blacks out. Justin is reunited with his parents back home, but he continues to see visions of an old lady and is sent to an asylum because people believe him to be insane.

The story of Justin deals with witchcraft and possession, and with the added items like the artifact and newspaper clippings, you really feel connected to the story and supernatural elements. If you’re reading this alone in the dark, you might even feel like you’re being watched. The feeling is kind of like reading a suicide note inside a room where it happened.

It’s definitely recommended to send this anonymously to a friend as a fun prank or gift. Once they’ve received the package, they will wonder who sent it to them. The introduction letter sets the mood as if they have been chosen, and the recipient will read the story and feel as if it’s actually happening. The added items add weight to the story, which will engross any reader. It doesn’t even need to be a gift since you can enjoy it as an immersive story.

For more information, visit The Mysterious Package Company site.

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