Dirac Bass looks to give mobile devices deeper sounding bass

When it comes to speakers and headphones, most will think that the bigger dynamic driver it has, the deeper bass you’ll get. This is true to an extent. Yes, the larger dynamic driver will allow for more air to be moved around, but the headphones or speakers will also need to be tuned in a certain way to provide the deeper bass everyone longs for. But what does that mean for mobile devices and smaller speakers that aren’t able to rely on large dynamic drivers? Dirac Research, a Swedish company that pioneers digitally optimized sound solutions, announced today its new breakthrough solution called “Dirac Bass.” Dirac Bass will allow mobile devices and portable speakers to produce that deeper bass with a higher rate of transparency.

Dirac Bass works by reimagining the classic psychoacoustic approach. Our ears are led to believe that there is a low underlying tone in sound, but in reality, it’s a combination of artificially generated overtones. What Dirac Bass does is take those deep bass tones and shifts them to higher frequencies that can be heard on mobile devices or small speakers.

With this shift, Dirac Bass allows for a more natural, cleaner, and deeper bass sound, thanks to a detailed control of the artificially-generated overtones. This breakthrough solution makes use of a dynamic NLD (Non-Linear device) that will replace the bass tones with the overtones that are most suited for a given input signal. This will extend the audible region by up to three octaves, allowing for bass tones that are as deep as 30 HZ to be heard in smartphone speakers.

Dirac Bass will also provide benefits to OEMs who produce micro speakers. When these micro speakers attempt to produce pure bass tones, they will get over-driven which will cause audio distortion and speaker damage. With the bass tones moved to higher frequencies, Dirac Bass will elongate the health and longevity of these micro-speakers.

Erik Rudolphi, Dirac General Manager of Mobile said:

“Dirac Bass perfectly complements our existing solutions and equips smartphones and small portable speakers with a degree of bass reproduction previously only associated with much larger devices.”

Dirac Bass is used in conjunction with Dirac Panorama Sound or Dirac Power Sound. Dirac Bass solution will be demoed at the upcoming CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

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