Holiday gift ideas for car lovers!

With Christmas being just a week away, it’s time to buckle down and kick your gift shopping into high gear. At this time you probably have most of your friends and family’s gifts all picked out and gift wrapped, but what about the one person in your life that’s really into cars.

For some people, cars are like their kids. They take care of every inch inside and out, so naturally, you’ll want to get them a gift that placates to their automobile aficionado-ness. We’ve put together a list of gifts that we think we’ll be perfect for that gear-head in your life.


It’s no fact that driving around can often be dangerous since you have to worry about other cars potentially causing accidents, car thieves, or people who just like to vandalize your car. The Autowit Dual dash camera helps you keep an eye out for your vehicle for the times when you’re unable to.

The dual dash camera records in full HD, 1080p for the front and 720p for the rear. It supports up to 32gb SD cards and provides continuous recording and motion detection. The dual dash features a 5 inch IPS touchscreen with an ultra-wide 150-degree field of view for the front camera and 120-degree field of view for the rear. The camera also features a G-sensor that will allow the camera to automatically protect clips if it detects an impact.


Air quality today is starting to diminish with wildfires, pollution, and allergens flying through the air, and most cars aren’t built with a way to combat these allergens and pollutants. Things can get even worse when you have your air vents pumping and your windows rolled up.

The Autowit air purifier can make the air quality in your car a little bit more enjoyable. It features a nano-silver filter that captures most of the floccus, hair, and dust that floats in your air, and the HEPA fold filter removes up to 99% of pollen and allergens that can be as small as a micron. To get rid of any unpleasant odors such as pets, cigarette smoke, and toxic gases, the purifier is built with a high-quality charcoal filter.


Having an under-inflated tire can be a nuisance, especially if you’re constantly on the go. If you don’t have access to an air compressor, chances are you’ll have to find the nearest gas station and use their air-pump, and sometimes those machines cost money. The Autowit cordless tire-inflator can make your life and time easier with when it comes to a flat tire.

The inflator comes with a 6-inch air hose and an 11.5-foot power cable that connects to your car’s 12-volt power outlet. The inflator has screw-on connectors that will give you a tight fit and reduce any air leaks while you’re inflating. The inflator is also built with an easy to read gauge that lets you preset your air pressure, which will aid you from ever over-inflating your tire pass it’s recommended PSI.


When you come out to your car, the last thing you want to find is that your car has a dead battery. Portable battery packs have been made to make jump starting your car a little bit easier. It eliminates the need to wait for another car or tow truck to help you jump start, but over time battery packs lose their power if they’re not in use, and you also have to remember to pre-charge them.

The Autowit batteryless jump starter takes portable jump starters to a whole new level. Instead of being built with a typical lithium-ion battery like most portable jump starters, the Autowit batteryless is built using a supercapacitor. This gives the Autowit a lifespan of 20 years and eliminates the need to pre-charge it.

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