Crunchyroll encourages fans to ‘Stay Crunchy!’


For the last 10-plus years, Crunchyroll has grown to be the #9 SVOD globally. It houses the world’s largest anime library and has over 45 million registered users with 2 million subscribers of its premium content. The anime streaming service wouldn’t be where it is today without the devotion of its fans, so today it has launched a brand new campaign called “Stay Crunchy.”

Stay Crunchy is a love letter to Crunchyroll’s millions of fans across the world. A dedication so to speak, to the extraordinary and inclusive anime community. It’s a way to remind fans that they’re perfect just the way they are.

For the new campaign, Crunchyroll partnered with Omelet to help launch the brand campaign. Hime, who serves as the mascot for Crunchyroll, comes to life for the first time as an animated character to help spread the message for stay crunchy. Hime has been a cherished member of the community and has been immortalized by the countless amounts of fan art, so it was no denying that Hime would be the perfect voice to share words of empowerment and encouragement to the Crunchyroll community.

To help bring Stay Crunchy to life, Crunchyroll partnered up with Taichi Kimura of Caviar content, who helped direct the short film. His work, which infuses a mix of Japanese and UK culture, gave the short film a unique look. The streaming service also tapped into animators Rapparu (Kanamewo, Crystal Cloud), Mai Yoneyama (Darling in the Franxx, Kill la Kill, Sword Art Online), and Nazonoanimedan (Re:Zero, Dog Days) to give the film its final and stylish look.

Crunchyroll also enlisted the help of Yutaka Yamada, who scored the film. Yutaka has written the scores of more than 40 projects, which include the hit anime series “Tokyo Ghoul” and “Marumo no Okite.” Lionel Lum, who is a fan of the anime service, also helped with the short film. Lione,l who specializes in building 1:1 ratio replica vehicles, built the real-life wheelchair replica of the Lagann mecha from Gurren Lagann.

In tandem with the Stay Crunchy launch, Crunchyroll also announced the new Crunchy Mix digital tool, which will give members the ability to share their personalized anime series recommendations. Because anime fans love to share and welcome people to the genre, the new engagement platform allows users to create “mixes” that are tailor-made to the interests of their friends, a sort of personalized gift that is crafted with the utmost care. Crunchy mix will be available to users at the end of December.

Anime is a genre that delivers a diverse and eclectic mix of anime shows and movies, and Stay Crunchy and Crunchy Mix highlight everything that anime has to offer, all while letting its fans know that there will always be something for everyone.

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